Who Is Faith Isabelle? The Wholesome TikTok Girl


Social media is a huge platform for the youth and is available to a wide range of audiences. We encounter many moments and personalities on the internet which go viral. Today we are going to talk about such a viral internet personality, Faith Isabelle. So who is Faith Isabelle? Who is getting being talked about and currently ruling the social media world? Among the viral moments on the internet, there are a few disturbing incidents; however, there are many wholesome moments. And in pandemic times, people are facing tough situations, and it is taking a poll on their mental and physical health. So, social media can be a nice escape, and wholesome videos are all that’s keeps us in the right state of mind.

Many content creators and influencers come up with funny videos and trends. And also, sometimes random people get massive attention for their content, and among which TikTok is the perfect platform for them to share their stories and gain popularity. So, let us know who is Faith Isabelle is making headlines. Faith Isabelle is one of such people who got viral from a wholesome TikTok video. In the video, we could see a teen, whose name is Faith, is getting graduated in the 2021 batch.

Who Is Faith Isabelle?

As we all know, the pandemic brought a huge change in our lives and has affected many norms. So, due to the pandemic, there are no classes held in the educational institutions, and students across the world are attending online classes from their homes. So, Faith has been a victim of it too and has spent a whole year in front of her electronic device, including her graduation day too. A graduation day is a lot important and special in a teenager’s life, and however, they’re missing the occasion too and celebrating in their home.

Like any other normal teenager, Faith wanted to have a nice graduation ceremony by celebrating it with her family and get a few gifts from them. She was in complete shock and was disappointed that her father was not doing much for her special day. And she shared the news in TikTok, however, what happens next will take you off-guard and most supposedly make your day.

Who Is Faith Isabelle? The Wholesome TikTok Girl
The teenager and her dad is going viral on TikTok.

What Happened Next, And Does She Receive Any Surprise For Her Big Day?

Faith Isabelle, with the username (@faith.isabelle), uploaded a TikTok video, where she tells that she thought her father didn’t have many plans for her graduation day. However, her dad was successful in hiding the surprise from her, which he’s been planning for a couple of days. And the surprise also turned out as one of the best gifts of her life. The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear such news is expensive gifts. People assumed that her father must be gifting her an expensive watch, jewelry, makeup or suits, or a decent amount of cash.

Who Is Faith Isabelle? The Wholesome TikTok Girl
Isabelle gets a surprise video from various celebrities.

None of the guesses is correct as her father planned to surprise her with a celebrity video! But, there’s another shocking revelation left. Faith not only received congratulatory messages from one celebrity but fourteen high-profile celebrities! This seems nothing except a dream for her, and it included videos from the internet sensation Randall Park, Mark Walberg, Joshua Bassett. The other celebrities are Drake Bell, Jonathan Groff, Bob Saget, JK Simmons, Gaten Matarazzo, Lori Loughlin, and Kat Dennings, and more.

Who Is Faith Isabelle? The Wholesome TikTok Girl
Lori Loughlin, the American actress, congratulates her

TikTok blew up the internet and received millions of views, and got multiple shares from other users. The video has 19 million views, and the numbers are increasing every hour. After she received such a  reaction, she posted each of the celebrity’ videos in her next 14 TikTok videos.

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How Did Her Father Got In Touch With Them?

After receiving an unexpected response, she was also frequently asked questions about how did her dad get in contact with them. She confirmed the fact that her father was not a producer, and neither they did use Cameo. Faith revealed her father is an IT guy, and he contacted agents and producers from their LinkedIn profile. Her father too made an appearance in a video and told that he wrote the name of few celebrities that his daughter is a fan, or grew up watching them. They also added that there were other celebrities too who didn’t respond, and some did!

Faith also received a handwritten note from Lin Manuel Miranda, a signed photograph from Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Downey Junior. She also received a signed copy of Matthew McConaughey’s book sent by him.

We are thrilled to know who is Faith Isabelle, and her beautiful gift from her father. We send her best wishes on her graduation and thank her father for setting a good example!