Who Is Eboni Williams Dating & Why Did She Call Off Her Engagement?

Is Eboni William Single?
Is Eboni William Single?

Eboni K. Williams, an attorney, and a TV show host wears the crowns of the Alpha woman of The Real Housewives of New York City. Eboni was dating Launna and was engaged to him. She stepped into the year 2020 with plans of getting married to her fiance Launna. However, she called the engagement off and said she has moved on with someone else. And she went back to The Real Housewives of New York City with no diamond on her ring finger, which makes her the youngest and first Black woman to appear on the show. There is no doubt that she is the Alpha of the season. On the other hand, Eboni has been hiding her breakup from the world for a year.

However, she finally opened about it in an interview; With her old television friend Wendy the host of Windy Willam Show. Eboni said the last time before the pandemic paralyzed our lives, she walked down Wendy’s studio and appeared on a panel with a ring in her hand, but not there is no diamond on it.

Who Is Eboni K. Williams Dating?
Eboni K. Williams The Alpha Of The Real Housewives of New York City.

She said she started the year by saving the date templets and her calendar marked with schedules to meet the vendors, wedding planners, etc. But now, all she has to do is wash her hands, wear a mask and keep herself safe.

Why Eboni K. Williams Called Off The Engegement

Eboni told Wendy that when the lockdown was initiated and everyone was asked to stay indoors. Couples were running to each their lovers from all over the world to be quarantined with each other. However, her fiance went to spend the quarantine with his children. He is a proud father of three children, out of which two of them are adults. She said that she would be honest initially. She wasn’t that understanding of the situation. But gradually, she understood that he is a father and obviously he will care for them.

However, she wanted him to be there for her. She said she spent six months apart from his fiance just because he wanted to be isolated with his children, who are capable enough to take care of themselves. Eboni added that this pandemic had helped a lot of couples see the reality of their relationship as she saw that her relationship actually was. She said she is not a parent and doesn’t know how it feels to be with your children. But what she knows was his partner was not there for her. She said his children will always come first no matter what she does.

Eboni wanted someone that can be there for her no matter what. She wanted to be with someone who will keep her first. She said she is not a person who dates many people or starts dating randomly; Eboni is a person who steppes into a relationship when she is sure it’s love. And she deserves to top the priority list of the person she loves. Eboni completely understands that his kids will be number one for him. But she needed to be number one. If Not, she needs to move on.

Who is Eboni Williams Dating?

On being asked how much time she took to move on? Eboni took a deep breath, and with utter disappointment, she said six months. For six months, she thought that he would come back to her, and they will spend the rest of the quarantine period together. She said they tried everything. They used to attend couple therapy for four hours straight. She said they were two lovers not ready to give up on each other. But they had to part their ways for their own good.


She also said that he is a lovely man but just not for her. Because he is older and he had experienced everything like the first baby and stuff. She is still in her thirties and wanted to experience such things, and she wanted someone who would be equally excited. So, she decided to let go of her four-year relation. In conclusion, she said Yes, she moved on with her growth and fell in love with herself all over again.