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Who Is Dream Dating? Abuse & Cheating Allegation on Him Explained

Who is Dream dating?
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Dream is an American YouTuber who is mostly known for his Minecraft content. The 21-year-old YouTuber star is soon going to turn 22 in August. He began his career in 2014. However, he gained popularity in 2019, and the pandemic was very blessed for him. He began super famous in 2020. Dream is mostly known for his YouTube series called Minecraft Manhunt. He has over 7 channels on YouTube. These 7 channels have collectively reached 28.3 million subscribers, and that makes him 1.95 million views in total. 2020 was great for Dream as YouTube announced him as a breakout creator of 2020. Dream was then accused of cheating following a probe in the case. Most of the time makes videos collaborating with GeorgeNotFound. The duo was paired up in 2020, and since then, people cannot keep calm and play together with them whenever the duo is live. 

Dream even started a Dream SMP server that allows other dexterous players, including Dream. The Dream SMP server is divided into various fractions and contains heavy roleplay. Most of the sessions on these YouTube channels are recorded live. As Dream is obsessed with Minecraft, he participated in a speedrun and won 5th prize under the 1.16+ category. However, his run was removed from the board as after an alleged probe, it was found that Dream has done cheating. But he denied the fact, and he accepted their decision without admitting the fault. He took to Twitter to publicly accept their decision and added at last that he is not going to accept the false allegations. 

Anyways, Dream is currently trending to make GeorgeNotFound blush over YouTube. He revealed that GeorgeNotFound has a girlfriend, but that raises the question that if Dream is single or not.

Who is Dream Dating?

Dream is currently single. He previously dated Sam. He has recently accused Sam of cheating him at least 9 times. The duo started dating three years ago. They met through a common friend and fellow YouTuber, Zak Ahmad. Zak is also known as Skeppy. Dream accused her of cheating on him multiple times. This accusation is serious as Sam already suffers a lot of problems. She also suffers from Bipolar personality disorder. This was the main reason why they had a breakup in the first place. Even Sam has accused Dream of serious allegations such as rape and abusiveness. Moreover, Sam is also scened flirting with Dream’s friend and YouTuber Josh, who is also known as “Fruitberries.”

The chronology of their relationship is a bit difficult to understand. This drama began in Jan 2021 when Dream posted a link on Twitter. This link said that Sam and Dream were initially good, and Sam was very sweet at the beginning. However, things took an ugly turn when she was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder. It became worse when she halted her medicines. 

It continued stating that there were many cheating incidents followed. However, Dream still maintained dignity. Sam then accused Dream of verbal abuse, rape, and also physical abuse. She even said that Dream used to starve her. But, his fans still stand with him and support him no matter what. 

However, multiple reports have claimed different allegations. Sam appeared recently on SoarinSky’s video. She said that she is on good terms with Dream. Sam also shared how the two of them met and are still friends together. 

What’s the matter between GeorgeNotFound and Dream?

Recently, while Dream and GeorgeNotFound were live on YouTube. Dream started teasing GeorgeNotFound saying that he has a girlfriend. This led George to a red and blushed face. However, later on, it was cleared that two of them were purposely joking. Initially, it was George who was teasing Dream, but he ended up backfiring. It started with George pronouncing “surely” as “Shirley.” 

Dream and George's latest mocking

Fans kept on trying what they are talking about and who is actually “Shirley.” Is it Dream’s girlfriend or George? Fans took to Twitter and asked the YouTubers to tell the truth. They had already cleared it, saying that they were just deriding each other. That must have hurt their fans badly, gee. 

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