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Who Is Drake’s Baby Mama? Net Worth Of Sophie Brussaux

Drake's Family
Drake's Family

Who is the American rapper Drake’s baby mama? Sophie Brussaux made headlines when she was discovered to be Drake’s baby mother. Though Drake and Sophie aren’t together anymore. They are blessed with a baby boy. Drake’s baby is named Adonis. Initially, Drake wasn’t convinced that Adonis was his child. To fade away from his intuitions, the rapper sought to DNA test. Moreover, the DNA report confirmed Adonis to be Drake’s very own son. This made the rapper startled.

The fact that he was now a father and Drake wasn’t ready to face it. So he went for the test again, and the result was the same as ever. Adonis is Drake’s child. Adonis was born in October 2017. He is curly-haired, with beautiful blue eyes. Lovely little cutie prince Drake and Sophie made. Now what it feels like is Drake is pretty much happy with being a father, and he likes to spend time with his son. Even though Drake and Sophie are separate, still they manage to take care of their baby. Mind you handling a baby is not such an easy job, but it looks like Drake and Sophie are good at parenting.

Drake with his son Adonis

Drake with his son Adonis

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Who is Sophie Brussaux?

Sophie Brussaux is Drake’s baby mama. She is 31 years old. She was a pornstar in the early years of her career. As a pornstar, she was known by the name Rosier divine. Sofie Brussaux was born and raised in Bordeaux, France. She ditched her profession for art and is currently a wonderful paint artist. Sophie loves to express herself through her art, and her feminist values drive her provocative art. Her work art blends in surrealism, symbolism, and pop art.

Sophie’s art portrays popular figures like Lionardo DiCaprio, Pope Francis, Barrack Obama, etc. For her artwork, Sophie has her insta page named ‘Sophieknowsbetter‘. Sophie Brussaux even founded an NGO for artists known as Arts Help. Art Helps is the world largest publisher of arts with more than 2.5 million members. She is even awarded by United Nations for her initiatives.

Sophie Brussaux

Pregnant Sophie Brussaux

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How did Drake and Sophie meet?

Well, exactly no one knows how they met. But speculations suggest that Drake and Sophie first came to contact in 2017. They dined at a Japanese restaurant in the Netherlands. In May the same year, Sophie went public, claiming she carries the rapper’s child. At initial, Drake denied anyone of Drake’s baby mama. In one of his songs, he called his baby mama a ‘fluke’. Later he acknowledged his son in the song ‘In My Feelings’. The time when Adonis was born was disturbing for both Drake and Sophie. But, gradually things have sorted out, and both are happy.

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The net worth of Sophie Brussaux

Sophie, through difficult times and hardships, have managed to earn herself a good amount of money. Sophie’s network is largely through her artwork. Even though her network is pale for the American rapper and her son’s father, Drake. But still, she has a good amount of million-dollar net worth.

During the times of her pregnancies, she publicly admitted that she received calls from Drake to abort the child. But she carried the baby for 9 months in her womb and gave him birth on 24th Oct 2017. Coincidentally, that’s the birthday of the rapper Drake too. Even after the birth of his child, Drake was sceptical of admitting that he was the father of the child. It was in June 2018 that he acknowledged his baby. Currently, Adonis lives with her mom. Drake often visits his child too. Adonis is in the protective and caring hands of both his parents. Adonis can be seen with his father Drake these days very often. They both are enjoying each other’s company.

Drake with his son Adonis

Drake dedicates his award to his son Adonis. 

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