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Who is Dora’s Boyfriend, Dora from Dora The Explorer?

Whether you are a kid or a parent of three kids, you must be pretty familiar with the cartoon show  Dora The Explorer. You may have watched it as a kid or with your kids on the television at your house. The cartoon is created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes, and Eric Weiner. Dora The Explorer was first premiered on the channels Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. in August 2000. It’s an American children’s animated television series. The show gained popularity among the kids from the very beginning.

The show is quite popular among the kids. Even if you haven’t watched the episodes of the show, you should be pretty familiar with the character Dora Marquez. She is a cute little girl who carries a purple backpack with several gadgets and a most essential map that helps her finding the routes. Also, she is accompanied by her best friend Boots who is a monkey. Sounds amazing, right? In this article, we shall cover the misconceptions people have between Dora’s cousin and her boyfriend. Without dawdling, jump in.

Who is Dora’s boyfriend?

Well, Dora is single. She doesn’t have a boyfriend. About whom people have misconception is Diego Marquez. He runs his show Go! Diego! Go! where Dora appears at times.

Dora is an eight-year-old Latina girl who is very courageous. Being desperate she goes out on a trip with her bestie Boots to find something in the route that interests her. Boots, who accompanied her, is a monkey, named for his pair of cute little red boots. Even the character of Boots is loved by the kids as he is helpful to Dora. Whatever obstacles come in their (Dora and Boots) path, they face it. It’s hard to solve but they get successful in solving it by riddles, confirming to the viewing audience. Meanwhile, there is also a mischievous character in the series. It’s a bipedal, thieving fox Swiper who always tries to steal things from the purple back that Dora carries. Dora stops him by saying “Swiper No Swiping” three times. Sometimes she fails to stop and sometimes she succeeds.

Who is Dora's boyfriend

Dora The Explorer

Altogether, Dora The Explorer is a fun animated series to watch. I’m pretty sure even if you haven’t watched any episodes, you will watch it now after reading this article.

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Misconceptions regarding Dora’s boyfriend and cousin

As we have covered the fact that Dora is single, here comes the misconceptions that the viewers have regarding her boyfriend and cousin.

It’s about Diego Marquez. He isn’t Dora’s boyfriend. Moreover, it seems like he is Dora’s cousin as both of them share the same surname Marquez. Though their relationship has not been disclosed in the series it seems like their fathers used to be brothers, resulting in the same surnames.

Who is Dora's boyfriend

Diego Marquez

He is an eight-year-old Latina action-adventure hero, having a big heart. Being an animal lover, his goal is to save and protect the animals and also their environment. Like Dora, he is also fearless and desperate. Diego is athletic and is always ready for the consequences no matter what the situation is. He is also a good learner and loves learning new things. Even he carries high-tech gadgets that help him in solving obstacles that come in his path in a scientific approach.

Dora comes from a family of three kids where she is the oldest one. She has one brother Guillermo and a sister Isabella. Likewise, Diego also comes from a family of three kids where he is the youngest one. He has two sisters Daisy and Alicia.

Diego Marquez appears in several episodes of Dora The Explorer. His first appearance was in the 2nd episode of Season3 Dora The Explorer- “Meet Diego!” in October 2003.

More about Diego’s show Go! Diego! Go!

Diego’s character in Dora’s show Dora The Explorer also gained popularity. It made Chris Gifford and Valarie Walsh Valdes work on a separate animated series Go! Diego! Go! based on Diego. The series started to air in September 2005.

Both the animated series are fun to watch. After reading this article, I’m sure those who haven’t watched any episode but only came across with the characters, gonna watch now.

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