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Who Is Dianna Argon Dating, Does She Belong To The Queer Community?

The Glee actress Dianna Agron posted a picture on her Instagram account that says she belonged to the Queer community or messed around with her fans? Because Dianna has dated many men in the past and never even gave any hints to her fans that she is a bisexual or pansexual. She was asked about her sexual orientation in her interviews, to which she always replied that “She is a proud heterosexual.” However, Dianna is famous for pulling pranks on her fans, and she might be messing around with her fans by post a picture of her kissing a woman. But it seems quite legit.

We can only predict until she gives an official statement. Recently Dianna has been through a living hell. Her marriage with Winston Marshall fell apart in the pandemic year 2020, and she has been living apart from her husband. Winston Marshall is the guitarist in Mumford & Sons. They both meet each other during a concert. Dianna had a crush on him the moment she saw him. She approached him and set up a meeting in the name of a gig as Dianna is an efficient singer. She came straight to the point and told Winston that she liked him, and Winston has had a crush on Dianna since she appeared on Glee.

Is Dianna Argon Married?

Dianna Argon On Her Wedding With Winston. (Credits: Vouge)

Yes! It Is A Match For Dianna Agron And Winston Marshall, And Yes They Definitely Rushed Things Over

So, yes, it was a match. The couple started dating in 2015. They were most commonly known as “The Passionate Couple.” As they were seen sharing imitate moments publically, a lot of times. They were even thrown out of a club, considering their actions were inappropriate. Dianna lost her number of fans after she was accused of not behaving decently in public places. To which she replied that she doesn’t care about anything. This is her way of showing how proud she is of Winston. She concluded her statement by saying it is what it is, what you are going to do about it. Call her a bad girl. She said she already is a bad girl, and Winston loves it.

Many people loved her boldness, but many didn’t. Her reputation was in jeopardy, but she definitely had some free press. However, Dianna proved to the world that Winston was not just a fling but her true love. The very same year, Winston proposed to her by writing a song for her, and guess what, “She Said Yes.” After dating for six months, the couple got engaged. Dianna walked down the aisle in 2016, where they both exchanged their vows in a very musical way.

Dinna And Winston’s Fairytale Wedding Came To An End

Dinna made the most out of her wedding and made it a fairytale one. She wore Valentino Fall 2016 off the runway, which made her wedding one of the most expensive celebrity weddings ever. She appeared as the bride collection ambassador for the Vogue magazine 2016. Dianna looked absolutely amazing, and she turned her wedding into an opportunity to become a sensation. On the other hand, most celebrities try to keep their ceremonies quiet and private. However, her fairytale wedding didn’t work out quite well, and she and Winston parted their ways in 2019. The couple started making public appearances separately.

The couple started living in separate houses, and in the pandemic year 2020, they issued an official statement that they were separated. None of them have filed for a divorce yet. That means there is still hope that things might turn around for them. But Dianna’s recent Instagram post narrates a different story.

Who is Dianna Agron Dating?

Dianna Agron is dating Megalym Echikunwoke. Dianna Agron recently posted a picture kissing Megalym Echikunwoke. She caption of the picture says, “I love her, I Love Her, I love her with a red balloon.” In 2011 Dianna made a public appearance that said, “Likes Girls.” And now her fans are trying to figure out she is gay or not? Fans take this picture as a move of coming out to the world, and we can officially say that Dianna Argon is Dating Megalym Echikunwoke. And obviously, Dianna likes Girls too.

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