Who Is Deepti Dating Now? A Look Into The Season 2 Finale Of ‘Love Is Blind’!

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who is deepti dating now
Who is Deepti dating now?

The second season of the dating reality television series “Love Is Blind” had paved its way on Netflix when it premiered on 11th February 2022. And recently on 25th February, the season was wrapped up!  It is produced by Kinetic Content and created by Chris Coelen. And as the name suggests, “Love Is Blind” the format of this show follows 30 men and women who are set on a path to find love but without seeing each other even once before they finally pair up! This reality dating series is made to test that can people seriously fall in love with a person by sidelining the physical realities and external features or appearance! The makers are on the hunt to find out is love really blind!

The contestants are made to talk with other marriage-minded singles. However, they need to know the other only by listing to the voice on the other side of the wall, in Pods. The makers want the contestants to find the other significant through a heartfelt connection and not just by physical appearance. Following the speed date, they are asked that are they ready to get engaged. Interestingly, still, they are not allowed to see the other person. And when the pairs finally make their mind about it, they are presented face to face! Then after all the procedures, at the altar on their wedding day, the pair must decide that are they sure to take their relationship on the final step or want to break up!

And you would be amazed to know that in spite of all the hurdles which had paved the way in Deepti’s journey to find the other significant, she and her selected partner were together till the finale. But what happened after that? Have they defined their relationship by tieing the knots or did they call off their relationship owing to their different mindsets, opinions, and the perspective through which they see this show! Above and all, who is Deepti dating now?

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Who is Deepti dating now? Did she say “I Do”?

On the second season of “Love Is Blind,” Deepti Vempati, a Information Data Analyst paired up with Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee, Veterinarian/House DJ. They both are of Indian descent. However surprisingly, they opened up on the show that prior to this pairing, they had always paired with the white people which they told each other during the conversations through the pods. It seems that this was the only thing common between the two! Apart from this, from the very start of the season, the differences between Deepti and her selected partner were visible. However still they had managed to make it up to the finale!

But it was that day when Deepti Vempati gathered all the courage to take a bold decision of saying no to the marriage! Though tears were seen rolling in her eyes when she had a conversation with her family, but Deepti was sure that what she was doing! And now the fans think that she had taken the right decision of not saying “I Do!” And since this break up, Deepti isn’t dating anyone and so she is single! But what was the main reason for which even after reaching up to the finale she had taken this heart-wrenching decision and why the fans think that she did right? Let us find out!

who is deepti dating now
Shake and Deepti of Love Is Blind

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What made Deepti to take that bold decision? Was his partner happy with it?

Well, one of the main reasons of their so said unaccepted split was their different outlooks towards the way this dating reality television series works. On one had Deepti was going as it was meant to be, Shake was trying his way to find out the hints about that other person’s physical appearances. Like when he asked Deepti that would he be able to lift her up! Additionally, from the other cast members Deepti got to know that how unethicly he had gossiped about them with others and said that he wasn’t happy with their physical intimacy. Moreover, he had also referred to Deepti as his aunt.

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who is deepti dating now
Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee, 33 and Deepti Vempati, 31

Well, the fans think that she did right because even after she said no to the wedding, Shake seemed to be happy. He was enjoying with the other cast mates! Probably to hide his broken heart, but the fans believe that the way he gossiped with the other members about their split after she left the scene could not be considered ethical!

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