Who Is Dave Cameron & Why Is He Famous For His Controversies Worldwide?

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Was Dave Cameron Elected The Chairman Of ICC?
Was Dave Cameron Elected The Chairman Of ICC?

Dave Cameron is popularly best known as former president of the West Indies Cricket Board. The word former added to his position when he was accused of manipulating cricket funds of the West Indies. Dave served as a WICB director between 2002 and 2019. He served as vice-president throughout Julian Hunte’s tenure as president, 2007-13. In the 2013 referendum, Cameron beat the necessary Hunte 7-5. His running mate, Emmanuel Nanthan of Dominica, displayed the new vice-president, beating Barbados Cricket Association president Joel Garner.

Cameron was 42 years old when he was nominated by the Jamaica Cricket Association and seconded by the Windward Cricket Board. His term has counted an enormous amount of controversy. He deliberately keeps a business-like and distant relationship with players but with an open door.

Why Is Dave Cameron Hated So Much?
Dave Cameron: Former President Of Westendise Cricket Board.

Dave also held the position of Team Manager and President of Kensington District Club. It is a very honorable position to hold as the club holds the richest player history.  Kensington has acquired 16 A Grade premierships and has remained runner-up on six other occasions.

Dave managed Kensington District Club.

The most contemporary A grade premiership was in the 2010-11 season. The club also acquired the One Day premiership, currently known as the XXXX Gold One Day Cup, in the years 2005-06, including 2006-07, and 2009-10. Kensington also marked its first Twenty20 premiership, obtaining the 2006-07 title. The club was the second club following Sturt Cricket Club to attempt to win all three A-grade premierships in a season. Kensington overpowered sturt in the One Day final in 2005-06; West Torrens Cricket Club exposed Kensington in the 2006-07 Grade Final after claiming the One Day and Twenty20 Premierships. The club was known as the Royal Club of Cricket.

Dave’s Six Years Reign Comes To An End In 2019

Dave’s controversies cost him his position after six years. The reason Dave wasn’t dethroned for so many years was there was no identity strong enough to compete with Dave; Until Ricky Skerritt stepped into the picture. The election campaign took a really ugly turn as both candidates started digging dirt about each other. And started accusing each other through their speeches, debates, and even public interviews.

However, Ricky’s records are quite clear, so Dave couldn’t document anything against him legally. Dave’s accusations were based on rumors and things that ought to be. At the same time, Dave indulged in quite many controversies, which made Ricky’s job easy. Ricky publically accused him of funds manipulation by stating the event happened in 2014. Due to lack of payment and short of funds, Westendise Cricket team Adandont a cricket match in India. Which causes the country global embarrassment and lack of stability.

The country was mocked globally. When they were openly asked for a loan to settle their crisis by The World Bank in a UN forum. Ricky claims in the budget of 2014, almost 1 Million Dollars of funds were allocated to the sports department, and still, they ran short of funds. He said he didn’t have the power to question Dave then. However, an inquiry was conducted to enquire about the matter.

Darren Sammy, the captain of Westenindes in 2014, also confirmed that they could have easily won the T20 as they did in 2016. But there was constant pressure on them to cut off the cost of their diet and other necessary items. He said it frustrated him and the team. Sammy also stated that he and his team are loyal to their game, and they won’t let politics mess around.

After Being Busted For Money Manipulation, Dave Wants To Run For Chairman Of ICC

After being busted for many manipulations in his own country, Dave Cameron is willing to run for the chairman of the International Cricket Council. A lot of debate and discussion took place, and Dave got a mixed review. Some countries found it an opportunity to get rid of the three cricket superpowers: England, Australia, and India. However, some completely denied it. The ICC Nomination Council didn’t comment on Dave’s situation. However, Dave Cameron was not elected to be the nominee for the Chairman of International Cricket Council by Cricket West Indies.

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