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Who is Cheyenne Floyd From Teen Mom Star Dating Now?

Cheyenne Floyd
Cheyenne Floyd

While fans cannot have enough of the dramatic and controversial yet immensely popular reality television series Teen Mom, it seems like one of the stars of the show has some big news to share with the world! It seems like Teen Mom Star Cheyenne Floyd is soon going to tie the knot as she is engaged!

After her pregnancy and giving birth to daughter Cory Wharton and how she navigated her motherhood duties along with co-star Cory Wharton, her journey grabbed huge attention from fans and made her an interesting figure who gained prominence from the show. Moreover, the show went on to take a dramatic  turn as Cheyenne also struggles to get out of a toxic relationship with them boyfriend, Matt Walker.

Teen Mom Star Cheyenne Floyd Is Engaged!

The series str recently surprised fans as she announced her engagement! While Cheyenne joined the show during the seventh season, he had a tumultuous relationship with Zach Davi. Things became so complicated with the time that their relationship almost came to an end, and fans speculated that she might reunite with her former flame, Cory Wharton.

Cheyenne Floyd

After that, things went on to be quite serious with  Matt Walker, and the series took an unexpected turn as the relationship soon looked a bit toxic. However, despite their dramatic split, Cheyenne later went on record and said that she doesn’t hold any ill towards her ex.  It is after these relationships that Cheyenne rekindled things with Zach once again. The Teen Mom star took to social media, and fans soon understood that things are going pretty serious with Zach, and she was expecting in October 2020.

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Zach Davis And Cheyenne Floyd Are Officially Engaged!

Things are going so well for both of them; Zach thought of the perfect plan to pop the question! It was Cheyenne’s baby shower as the baby is expected to arrive something around June, and Zach soon got down on one knee and proposed to her! Both of them shared the same set of pictures on social media as well. These moments were made all the more special as Ryder rushed to embrace her mother, and all of them are set to start a new family.

If fans are hoping they could witness all these, then they might be lucky enough as it has been reported that the channel has recorded the baby shower that came with such a big surprise and might be showing all of it in the coming series of Teen Mom OG which might make its way in the fall of 2021. We are going to see a whole lot of Cheyenne and her growing romance with Zach, and we might also witness some of the wedding magic as well in the comings season. That is something we will get to know once the newest season comes along.

 The Engagement Happened On Cheyenne’s Baby Shower, And Fans Receive A Pleasant Surprise!

The engagement photos are going viral on social media, the background of the setting has a heartfelt message that says It Was Always you and fans could see the couple sharing a precious moment as little Ryder soon comes and hug both her mother and stepfather, and we all got to see a perfect family frame.  The Teen Mom alum joked about the fact that she is pretty much done with having kids, and it seems like two is the perfect number, as stated by the star herself.

Cheyenne Floyd

In an exclusive interview, the couple also revealed that they are expecting a baby boy and will name him Ace Harold Davis! While talking about marriage, it seems like the couple had planned on getting married a while ago, but with the pandemic terror, they thought it was only wise to postpone the wedding nuptials for a while. If you think the pictures were adorable enough, fans saw that even little Ryder got her own ting as she showed it off with Cheyenne’s ring! It was a special moment for all as Zach himself seemed to be teary eyes, and Cheyenne was also pretty emotional as well.

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