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A Look Into Cheryl Cole’s Dating History: Who Is She Dating Now In 2021?

Who Is Cheryl Cole Dating?
Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne

The singer Cheryl Cole had a very rocky road down her love life. So, naturally, the question stands Who is Cheryl Cole dating? Cheryl has been cheated a lot in her past relationships, because of which she had to face public humiliation, but she always came out stronger. She built her career so strong that no one can shatter her spirit to grow and her spirit to live her life on her own terms. Cheryl stepped into the television industry for the first time she appeared on the Popstars: The Rivals. She was one of the most talented and most aspiring teenagers on the show. And from being a contestant on a reality singing show. She went to become a judge of the UK version of the X factor.

Cheryl came a very long way from where she started. She is not just a woman with a pretty face and a pretty voice. She stands for her ideologies and her visions. The singer is a steadfast supporter of the Labour Party, and she herself has marched down the roads for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Before every presidential election, she encourages citizens of the country to cast their votes. And she does not just preach her ideologies through social media or screens, but she also goes down the street to explain to people why they are doing what they are doing.

Who Is Cheryl Cole Dating?

Cheryl Cole With Her First Husband, Ashley Cole (Credits: Extra. ie)

Cheryl is a perfect example of beauty with responsibility. She is the kind of person who cares about the relevant and the right thing to do. We can officially call the alpha of the pact.

Cheryl Cole’s Past Relationship That Went Down A Really Rocky Road

Cheryl Cole was initially married to a footballer Ashley Cole in 2006. The couple had a big fat cliche wedding. Usually, people keep it to an intimate ceremony, but Cheryl wanted it grand. The couple also signed a contract with Ok! magazine. They offered around 1 million euros for their wedding photographs. The couple looked adorable together.

But unfortunately, their vows were not served for a longer time. As in 2010, the couple filed for a divorce, and it turned out Ashley was the black sheep in their relationship. He has been cheating her with not one, not two but several other women. It was said that he got laid with someone else, even on his own wedding night. Cheryl was heartbroken, and this was the first rocky end to her rocky road.

The Singer Fell In Love Again, But Rocky Roads Doesn’t Come To An End So Easily.

Cheryl fell in love again, and her fans thought that the second time must be the charm, but oops, it was a bummer too. Cheryl married a French Restaurant owner Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in 2014. The couple parted their ways just three months after their union. She kept her marriage a secret for a very long time, but then she opened about it on a BBC show. She sounded very heartbroken when she talked about it, but still, she kept herself together.

Who Is Cheryl Cole?

Cheryl Cole was dating the former one-direction member Liam Payne. The couple started dating in 2016. Liam respected her a lot, and he had stated in one of his interviews that she is the best partner a person can deserve. He said, there is no stress and tension in a relationship with her. He said this is what paradise feels like. And in 2017, a new member was added to their paradise when Cheryl gave birth to Liam’s son Bear. They were like one happy family until the couple announced that they are parting their ways.

Who Is Cheryl Cole Dating?

Are Cheryl Cole And Liam Payne Getting Back Together? (Credits: Mirror)

The couple is still close, and they fulfill their duty as parents. After their breakup, Liam was engaged to Maya Henry. But recently called off the engagement, and by our surprise, Liam and Cheryl were spotted together after three years. OMG, are Liam and Cheryl coming back together? They can because true love never dies. Now let’s see what happens.

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