Who Is Charles Bronson, When Will He Be Released From Prison?

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Who is Charles Bronson and when will he be released from prison

Charles Bronson revealed that he would like to stay behind bars, even when he will be released from prison. The newspaper, British Press has referred to Charles as ‘Britain’s most violent criminal’ and ‘Britain’s most notorious prisoner .’ He has spent several years in custody in several high-security psychiatric hospitals.

Charles was arrested in 1974 and was sentenced to prison for seven years for armed robbery. However, his imprisonment time kept increasing again and again due to his attacks on other prisoners and guards. After getting released in 1987, he started his career in bare-knuckle boxing. In 1988, Charles was again sentenced to prison for planning another robbery. His sentence changed into life imprisonment for his violent nature towards prison staff. At times due to his ill behavior, he was sent to England’s three psychiatric hospitals.

Charles is the most high-profile criminal in Britain due to his record of mental illness and anger in prison. He has also been interviewed several times and also has been featured in books. During an interview, he revealed, “I am a nice guy, but sometimes I lose control and become ill-tempered. That does not make me wicked but confused.” In 2008, he was a subject of the film, Bronson, which starred famous actor Tom Hardy.

Charles Bronson’s Early Life Details

Charles Bronston was born Michael Gordon Peterson on December 6, 1952, in Luton Bedfordshire. He was born to his father, Joe Peterson, and mother, Eira Peterson. He also has two brothers.

Charles lived in Luton with his family from the age of four. But, when he was a grown-up, he moved to Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, with his entire family. Charles was fond of fights from a young age, due to which he used to be absent from his school. When he was 13-year-old, he joined a group of robbers and was arrested while they were caught stealing.

He took his first job at Tesco, from where he got terminated within two weeks because he attacked the manager of the company. Since then, he took several jobs in different factories. The first time he was sentenced to remand for damaging several cars in parking in Risley.

Charles has also changed his name several times. As mentioned above, his original name is Michael Gordon Peterson. However, when he began his career in boxing, his promoters asked him to change his name. So, he changed his name to Charles Bronson inspired by a famous American actor, Charles Bronson. Although he was arrested in 1987, he decided to keep the name.

Who is Charles Bronson and when will he be released from prison
Charles Bronson

In 2014, Charles announced that he is changing his name to Charles Salvador. He also stated that he had decided to keep Salvador as his surname as a tribute to the famous artist Salvador Dail.

Why Is Bronson’s In Jail?

In 1974, Bronson was sentenced to HM Prison Liverpool for seven months for armed robbery. Later, he was sentenced to prison for Additional nine months because he attacked two prisoners and ended up smashing one of the prisoner’s head with a glass jug. But, he did not give up his violent tyrant. He refused to do the prison work and destroyed the workshop.

In 1987, Charles was released and started the bare-knuckle boxing career. He was again caught and sent back to jail when he got caught robbing a jewelry store. In 1988-1989 he was transferred between prisons for his violent acts.

Finally, he was freed in 1992 but was sentenced to prison again 60 days later for conspiracy to rob.

In 1999, a civilian education worker disrespected Bronson’s art, resulting in Bronson taking him hostage. Bronson went on to lay waste to several machines in prison. In the middle of all that, he got knocked out by himself with a washer. Finally, after 44 hours, Bronson freed the hostage and came out of hiding to surrender, only to land in prison for life.

Who is Charles Bronson and when will he be released from prison
Charles Bronson outside Woodhill Prison Chapel in 2001

When Will Bronson Be Released From Prison?

As mentioned, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for hostaging a Civilian. Charles made an appearance in a Youtube podcast, Anything Goes with James English, where he called his son George Bamby, who was revealing his story for an episode of the show.

During the conversation, Charles stated that he believes he could be released from prison by the end of 2021.

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