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Who is Candice On TikTok, What Is The Punchline Behind The Joke?

Who is Candice on TikTok?
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If you are one of those people who regularly watch TikTok videos, then you might be wondering who is Candice. No, she is not Candice from Phineas and Ferb. Well, jokes apart, keeping the fake stuff aside, TikTok’s challenge sweeps millions of views. Now and then, there comes a challenge that confuses everyone. Certainly, the amount of views a meme gains on other social media is nothing in comparison to that of the views it gains on TikTok. However, you might have come across these “Who is Candice” things on other social media too, that includes Instagram and Twitter.

So, you must be wondering who is Candice or is she alive? You might have also come across hashtags like “#CandiceChallenge”. TikTok users are making continuous videos on it but the punchline cut off from the video. That is why; non-TikTok users are unable to figure what it is actually.  People are wondering whether she is alive are not but let us tell you, she is fine and healthy because she does not exist at first, gee. So, here arises a question, which means Candice is not the one who started this challenge? Therefore, if you are an irregular user of TikTok we have brought you a brief glimpse over this legit meme on TikTok. 

“Who is Candice” is a joke, and she is not human in real. This is a very practical lame pun that everyone is trying to make fool out of their loved ones. Call it a challenge or funky pun; it is the same as that of DN (Deez nuts) and Ligma joke. But, you know, these jokes are surely not going to work on a witty person.   

Who is Candice On TikTok?

Who is Candice on TikTok?

As already mentioned, Candice is not a real human being and therefore she is not dead. The name “Candice” is just to play a pun on another person. Some questions related to the meme are “Did you hear Candice died today?”, “Do You Know Candice”, “Let us go to Candice’s residence today” and much more. However, when a user records this video while trying the prank on other people, they cut off the punchline from the video. After asking a question related to Candice, the video display the reaction of the person who becomes the prey of the prank. Either they realize what a dirty trap they have fallen into or they just stare blankly.  

What does the “Who is Candice” meme mean actually?

Well, the meaning is surely hilarious. It can either lead you to the coast of a laugh or bulk of embarrassment. As a normal human being, when somebody will ask you “Let us go to Candice” today, you would reply with “Who is Candice”?

That is the place where you are trapped and fall to the prank. The actual meaning of “Candice” is “Can This”. That is, “Can–Dice” is a pun sound of “Can–This”. Now, the joke goes like this—as soon as you say “Who Candice?”, the other person who asked the question replies with “Candice d**k fit in your mouth”. So, legitimately, you are finished. The conversation goes like following:

Person 1: Hey! Do You Know Candice died today?

Person 2: Candice Who?

Person 1: Candice d**k fit in your mouth?

Therefore, Person 2 is finished with deep embarrassment or laughs or is figuring out what did just happen. 

Moreover, the urban dictionary has also provided the same info on the Candice joke. Anyways, if your friends ask you about Candice you can avoid getting trapped in this joke now. Reply to them with answers like “Yes, Candice was a good human” if they ask you about Candice’s death. 

How does such a pun get famous on TikTok?

Well, as much as memes get famous on IG and Twitter they get more famous on TikTok. Gradually, TikTok is taking over memes and their charm. Moreover, people who have never used TikTok are impressed by the platform. These challenges, memes are funny and harmless excluding the challenges like blackout challenge and other suicidal challenges from the list. 

Eventually, TikTok has acted as a spreader of joy in the current situation where germs are spreading. Candice is not a person but she is doing good and making the internet a better place. 

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