Who is Camila Mendes’s Boyfriend? Is She Still Dating Charles Melton?

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Camila Mendes and Charles Melton
Camila Mendes and Charles Melton.

Recently, Camila Mendes’s boyfriend, or we say ex-boyfriend Charles Melton got spotted with a new rumored girlfriend, Chase Sui. But people are still in doubt whether Camila Mendes and Charles Melton split up or not. As we all know, Camila and Charles dated each other for so many years, and people are still assuming that they are still in a relationship. But people are also gossiping that they might break up with each other. Their fans are questioning their relationship everywhere on social media. If you are here to know the truth, you are in the right place. Here we will reveal the truth behind Camila Mendes’s boyfriend that whether she is still dating Charles Melton or not. If you all are ready, let’s dig into it. Moving further, we will also talk about their early life and career.

Before stepping into Camila Mendes’s love life, let’s talk a little about her personal life and career. An American Brazilian actress and singer, Camila Mendes, was born on 29 June 1994 in Charlottesville, Virginia. She grew up with her father named Victor Mendes, her mother named Gisele Carraro, and her older sister Viviane. Besides that, in 2012, she completed her graduation at American Heritage School in Plantation, Florida. Later, for higher studies, she took admission in New York University Tisch School of the Arts.


When it comes to Camila’s career, she is best known for portraying Veronica Lodge in the teen drama series Riverdale. She was also cast in the romantic comedy The New Romantic, Netflix original The Perfect Date, the Netflix original Dangerous Lies, the critically acclaimed sci-fi comedy Palm Springs and many more. Moreover, she also won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Scene Stealer in 2017 for her performance in Riverdale.

Camila Mendes Boyfriend
Camila Mendes

Moving further, let’s talk about the most asked question about Camila Mendes, which is about Camila Mendes’s boyfriend. Her fans are more than curious to know whether she is dating someone or not. Further, we will also talk a little about Camila Mendes’s ex-boyfriends.

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Who Is Camila Mendes’s Boyfriend?

Recently, Camila Mendes has been getting a lot of attention from the media. And the reason why she is the talk of the town is because of Charles Melton. And why I am saying this is because Charles was recently snapped with her new rumored girlfriend, Chase Sui. But, Charles himself didn’t confirm his new relationship with Chase yet.

Camila Mendes and Charles Melton
Camila Mendes’ boyfriend, Charles Melton

Now, we come to Camila’s relationship with Charles Melton. As per the records, it is found that Charles Melton was Camila Mendes’s boyfriend for so many years. And the couple started dating each other in 2018, and after dating for around one year, news came out that the couple is no more dating each other. After successfully dating for year one, they decided to split up. And again, the news went viral that Camila and Charles took a break for their own better and in 2021, they again spotted spending time with each other. This time couple didn’t disclose their relationship publicly. But now Charles is seeing someone else, which indicates that Charles Melton is no more Camila Mendes’s boyfriend. But we are still figuring out the truth behind this love triangle.

Moving further, there are some other guys Camila also dated before coming into a relationship with Charles Melton. Let’s talk about them a little.

Camila Mendes’s Ex-Boyfriend Victor Houston

Before dating Charles Melton, Camila was in a relationship with Victor Houston. And let me tell you, Victor was not a celebrity like Camila. But after dating Camila, he becomes quite famous because of Camila. The couple started dating each other in early 2018, but things between them didn’t go well. And they decided to move on with their lives separately. But when they were in a relationship with each other, they posted a lot of cute pictures together. But within a year, they end up splitting with each other. And after that, Camila was found to be spending a good quality time with Riverdale actor Charles.

Moving further, let’s talk about Camila’s other relationship, which also didn’t continue for a longer period.

Camila’s relationship with Grayson Vaughan

When Camila and Charles decided to take a break from each other to figure out whether they wanted to continue their relationship or not, in 2020, Camila was snapped with Grayson walking on the streets. After that, people assume that something is cooking between them. And people assumed it right. Grayson Vaughan was Camila Mendes’s boyfriend for almost a year. In March 2021, Camila finally broke up with photographer Grayson Vaughan. Besides that, Camila also mentioned that she had a good time with Grayson when they were together.

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