Who Is Bryony Briscoe’s Boyfriend? Dating Life Revealed!

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Bryony Briscoe's Boyfriend
Bryony Briscoe

When it comes to her love life, Bryony Briscoe has always been in the public eye. People have recently expressed their want in learning more about Bryony Briscoe’s partner. So, we’ve created this site to talk about Bryony Briscoe’s boyfriend. But, before we get to know about the main subject of the article, let’s have a look at her early years and professional career. Bryony has amassed a devoted fan base on her own social media site, where she posts photos of her VERY posh existence. Hundreds of photos from her modeling campaigns, including PrettyLittleThing and Pink Boutique, litter her grid. Bryony’s high-flying work requires her to travel to exotic filming sites frequently, most recently in Marbella, Spain.

Bryony Briscoe, Tom Malone’s girlfriend, has kept her parents’ personal information private. This is why very little is known about her parents and family. There is presently no information on her or any of her relatives available. Briscoe was born in the United Kingdom and raised there. She is currently based in Leeds, England. Bryony Briscoe appears to be of ordinary height in comparison to other British women. Despite the fact that the model’s weight is unknown, she appears to have a thin and well-kept body figure. She is, without a doubt, a professional model who routinely shares her modeling photos on Instagram.

Bryony Briscoe’s Boyfriend

Bryony Briscoe, the Northern beauty, is currently dating Tom Malone. The Leeds native is a regular on TikTok, posting content with her expanding followers. Tom has been a regular on Gogglebox since the fourth series, alongside his father Tom Snr, mother Julie, brother Shaun, and their rottweilers Dave, Lucy, Izzy, and Joe. Bryony Briscoe’s partner is a choreographer who has worked with Rita Ora, Fergie, and Wiley in the past. In 2013, his dance crew Ruff Diamond came in second place on Sky One’s Got to Dance, but he now dances with Soul Mavericks.

Bryony Briscoe's Boyfriend
Bryony Briscoe

Tom was quick to publish a photo of their new house when they moved in last year, posing on the sofa with model girlfriend Bryony while they both sipped a glass of bubbly. We could see the basic living room walls behind them as they sat on a sleek grey sofa with a matching grey throw. Two wooden tables and a huge rose gold floor lamp illuminated the room for fans. “To a new house and new beginnings,” Tom captioned the photo to commemorate the occasion. Tom’s Instagram Stories gave fans a closer look at the new house, including a shot of the modern kitchen as he pictured his celebratory champagne. The couple’s kitchen is grey, with modern counters and spotless wood floors.

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Gogglebox star Tom Malone Jr And Girlfriend Bryony Biscoe Reveal Their Interracial Relationship Has Been ‘Fetishized.’

On Wednesday, Tom Malone Jr. of Gogglebox and Bryony Biscoe of Bryony Biscoe rushed to Instagram to explain that they had been featured on pages that fetishize interracial couples. The couple has been together for almost 15 months and posts a couple of photos on their social media profiles on a regular basis. However, when they released a video titled ‘Our Relationship Isn’t Defined By Race,’ the two were left ‘uncomfortable’ to hear that they were being featured online due to their different ethnicities.

Bryony Briscoe's Boyfriend
Bryony Briscoe

Tom commented alongside the upload that they had recently been informed that their photos had been posted on pages that promote interracial relationships. They wanted to make it clear that they were not in favor of it. In a 3-minute video, the couple sat on a couch and shared their emotions about the so-called ‘Swirl Movement,’ asking people to commend them on their love for each other rather than their skin color. Tom began by stating that they are in a mixed-race relationship. Bryony is half-Caribbean, whereas Tom is white Irish.

The TV personality continued, “That’s a common thing to them,” but “It’s been brought to our attention recently that there are a number of [Instagram] profiles that are posting images of them.” And there are entire pages devoted to black and mixed-race women getting white lovers and husbands as if this is something to strive for. And it made them feel uneasy, so they simply wanted to confront the matter in the video. The key thing to focus on, according to Tom, is the healthy connection, not the skin color.

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