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Who Is Bryce Hall Dating In 2021? Dynamics of His Recent Relationship With Addison Rae

Who Is Bryce Hall Dating In 2021
The Social Media Star Bryce Hall

Establishing yourself in the world of the internet has become quite a thing. You can find friends, places, events, almost anything. Something similar happened to Bryce Hall as he came up to the internet only to make friends. Especially after he was bullied and found himself alone. At the age of 15, the little boy hailing from Ellicott City, Maryland, started buzzing on the internet. He made his presence felt through the app Vine with 30,000 followers in 2016 until the app shut down. Then he went on to shift his popularity in the internet space through Youtube Space and TikTok. Currently, he has 3.55 million subscribers on YouTube and 19.5 million on TikTok.

So, opening up to social media means opening your whole life to your fans as well as the world. Bryce Hall met with the same, and his personal life became a hot topic landing him in a few controversies and rumors here and there. Especially when it comes to dating and relationships. Most of them he has cleared up, but some still ask for answers. Anyway, talking about personal life, here we are taking a look at who Bryce Hall is dating in 2021 as of now.

Who Is Bryce Hall Dating In 2021?

Bryce Hall is currently single in 2021, as we know. The internet star quite recently broke up from a relationship with another internet superstar  Addison Rae. The news made headlines for social media from March to April 2021. Addison Rae is a social media personality, dancer, and singer. Prominently seen on TikTok, she currently has around 79 million followers and is the second most followed individual on the platform. She is also considered the highest-earning Tiktok star by Forbes as well.

Hall Broke Up With Addison Rae Recently

Bryce Hall With His Ex Addison Rae

Before Addison Rae, Hall dated Elle Danjean and Sydney Vézina. But none of them made the buzz which his breakup with Rae did. There were rumors of Hall cheating on Rae during his Vegas trip in January 2021. The trip did impact the relationship a lot, but Hall cleared the fact that he didn’t cheat on Rae. In fact, he is the one who initiated the breakup due to the couple having loads of responsibilities and each other’s careers to look at.

So, yes, the couple officially unfollowed each other on Instagram. Plus, even Rae referred to using the ex-boyfriend terms several times before the breakup became official. Thus, signifying it was coming. Anyway, Bryce Hall is all on his own now until further announcement from Rae as well. On exactly what went down. Until then, let’s take a look at Hall’s Relationship history.

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Bryce Hall Relationship History

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae’s relationship is something fiery in itself. So we will start off with that only. Where did it begin, and what went down? The dating rumors of Bryce Hall and Addison Rae date back to January of 2020. The couple started appearing in each other’s video. There was also a deleted picture of them kissing. But when asked, the couple denied the rumors of constantly dating for months stating they are better off as friends.

Bryce Hall Dated Addison Rae For Five Months

Bryce Hall With His Ex Addison Rae

In June 2020, the fans noticed seeing Rae and Hall together all again. They were collaborating a lot on TikTok and spending time together a lot. Even a video came out from Hall stating Bryce Hall and Addison Rae is back together. Only to come out as a clickbait. Still stating they are friends, nothing more. In July, the couple started avoiding commenting on their relationship status. Hall admitted seeing Rae but denied dating her.

Finally, after months of teasing and building up with a number of videos. An official video came out stating they are together. Titled “The Truth About Us,” the couple confirmed dating in October of 2020. What followed was cute hangouts, appearances in each other’s video, and spending Valentines together. Until rumors of their split came out, stating Hall cheated on Rae. So as mentioned above, the Vegas trip took a toll on Rae, and even she admitted that Hall bringing in drama in her life. So both officially parted ways and are now focusing on their career. The Vegas allegations were a prime factor behind them separating.

Before Rae, Bryce Hall Date Elle Danjean

Bryce Hall With His Ex Elle Danjean

Way before Addison Rae came into the life of Hall; there were rumors stating Hall is gay with the fact he didn’t like opening up much about his personal life. There were linkup rumors of him with Mikey Barone. But the rumors were shut down when Hall started dating social media star Elle Danjean in 2019. Hall invited her to his video “I Asked Her To Be My Girlfriend” and asked her out. In turn, she replied yes, and both dated for a while, thus shooting down the rumors.

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