Who is Britney De Villiers’ Boyfriend? Inside The YouTuber’s Personal Life!

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Who is Britney De Villiers' Boyfriend?
Britney De Villiers

Britney De Villiers is not only a content creator and YouTuber but also the girlfriend of a popular football player. So, who is Britney De Villiers’s Boyfriend? Most of Britney’s dating and love life could be known from her YouTube channel, Britney De Villers. Apart from that, she also shares sweet posts with her boyfriend very often on social media. She referred to him as her right hand once. The YouTuber also celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday recently and made his day a special one. 

Now, the couple lives together and often goes on vacations. They also got matching tattoos just one week before during their vacation in London. There are not many details on how the couple met each other but took some time to come into a relationship. Britney and her boyfriend went on lots of dates before she officially entered into a relationship. The pair also had moved in together in 2021 with their dogs. Meanwhile, her boyfriend also shares snaps with his girlfriend on social media sometimes.

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Who is Britney De Villiers’s Boyfriend?

Britney De Villers’s boyfriend is Morgan Gibbs White. He is a professional football player at Wolverhampton Wanderers and plays as a midfielder. Britney cherishes and loves her boyfriend very much, as seen from her vlogs on YouTube and social media posts. She came into a relationship with Morgan in 2020 and has known him since 2019. The YouTuber has also been active in social media only since 2020. Thus, we do not know much about their relationship from before that, but she shares sweet pictures with him on social media now and then. Now, the pair also happily moved together.

YouTuber Britney De Villiers with her boyfriend Morgan Gibbs
YouTuber Britney De Villiers with her boyfriend Morgan Gibbs

Britney Met Her Boyfriend in 2019

Britney had not mentioned how she came to know her boyfriend Morgan, but the couple started talking in July 2019. They had their first date in September 2019, and he had asked her out in February 2020 after going on several dates. Now, the couple will celebrate their second anniversary soon this month. But, it is not known if the couple is going to celebrate their anniversary in this month, itself or not. Last year, the pair opted for celebrating their anniversary one month later as valentine’s day and Britney’s birthday also falls in February month only.

Britney and her boyfriend, Morgan, moved together in September 2021, as explained in her vlog titled, ‘Moving Into Our First House + Mini Tour of Our Old Apartment.’ In the video, she explained about their whole moving process, and the most exciting thing for her was getting her dogs back then to actually move. The couple also goes on vacations sometimes if Morgan gets the weekend off.

Britney De Villiers’s Sweet Birthday Message For Her Boyfriend

Britney De Villiers’s planned a lovely birthday for her boyfriend recently and made his day. Her partner, Morgan’s birthday, was on January 27, 2022. She also shared his birthday celebration pictures on her social media accounts and wrote sweet messages. The YouTuber shared four pictures of the couple in her Instagram account. She wished him happy birthday in the caption and referred to him as a twin with a love emoticon. Britney also mentioned how she is honored to have watched him grow into the amazing man he is today and blessed to have him by her side. She said that she appreciates him more than he knows with the endearment baby.

Who is Britney De Villiers Dating i n 2022?
Britney De Villiers celebrating her boyfriend’s 22nd birthday

Villiers not only shared the sweet message on Instagram but also on Twitter. However, she shared on Twitter on the next day of his birthday. The YouTuber tweeted four pictures, out of which three of them are from his recent birthday celebration. It seems that Britney gave him a surprise, as the picture shows the cakes, balloons, and age of the birthday boy. She wrote and wished Morgan a happy 22nd birthday and referred to him as a best friend. Britney also stated that she is lucky to have him by her side and loves him endlessly. Meanwhile, Britney’s boyfriend commented and expressed his love for her on her Instagram birthday post for him. He also retweeted her Twitter post and expressed his thanks for making his birthday a special day. 

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