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Who is Bernice Burgos Dating? A Sneak Peek Into the Model’s Life

who is Bernice Burgos dating
American model, Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos is a well-known American Model. Who is Bernice Burgos Dating and more on her life is something we will be dealing with today. Bernice Burgos was born on 17th April 1980 in Bronx, New York. The model is often in the limelight for many a reason. And also holds quite a huge fan following. Not just that, she has millions of fans on her social media handles and even on her Instagram.

Bernice Burgos is very active on her social media accounts and keeps posting pictures and updating fans on her life. When she was in her mid-20s, starting then, she entered the industry. Before that, she even worked as a bartender and waitress. After which, she got into modeling and since then has been acing it all. She is a well-known name in the industry now. Starting in 2012, her career started on a full fledge.

With her constant efforts, she is now a name in the industry. Even after stepping into the industry, it was hard to find jobs and to establish herself, but persistently she kept hunting for the modeling jobs and hence ultimately reached the position where she is in right now. When you are in such a glamour industry, rumors on dating and relationships are bound to happen. So is the case with Bernice Burgos. The beautiful and attractive model is also rumored to have dated quite a few lucky men. Who are they, and what more is there to know about the model will be dealt with in detail. The famous model has appeared on many television shows as well, including MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. But before going any further, let us take a look at who Bernice Burgos is currently dating.

Bernice Burgos who is she dating

Well known American model Bernice Burgos

Who is Bernice Burgos Dating?

Bernice Burgos is quite a successful model. As of 2021, Bernice Burgos is possibly single. But her last known relationship was with Young M.A. Even before Young M.A, the glamourous model has dated quite a few men, and her relationships have often been the talk of the town. From drake to T.I., the model has dated quite a few inline. Her relationship with the American rapper and actor T. I was known to be too quiet a series, but nevertheless, they eventually broke off. Before T.I, Bernice Burgos also dated the Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor Drake. She is also known to have dated American rapper, singer, songwriter, Quavo. But even their relationship didn’t last long.

who is Bernice Burgos dating?

American model, Bernice Burgos

In the year 2018, Bernice was also known to be dating Meek Mill. But soon after, they broke off and went their ways. Bernice’s last known relationship was in the years 2019 with Young M.A. No such updates on their relationship were known after that. Their relationship was disclosed after an Instagram post of the two went viral. But even this relationship didn’t last long. Some rumors on her and Lil Baby dating were also out, which never got confirmed. So, for now, it seems like Bernice is taking some time off or is either keeping her personal life private.

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Career and Updates

She started her career at an early age, though it seems like the model has it all, it wasn’t the case from the very beginning. Bernice Burgos has had her share of struggles and worked really hard to be where she is right now. Her sleepwear line Bold & Beautiful is a well-known brand today. She created her own sleepwear line and owned it with pride. It is quite an achievement, and with that, she presently earns millions and owns her own apartment in new york.

Bernice Burgos who is she dating

American glam model,Bernice Burgos

The glamourous model even has two children since she got pregnant at an early age and even supports her kids. Ashley Burgos and Amarie Burgos are her two children and support them fully. From waitressing to bartending, she did it all but ultimately got her to break into modeling, which changed her life thereafter. Being the ultimate queen that she is, she continues to grow and shine with each passing day.

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