Who is Barney Walsh’s Girlfriend? A Dive Through the Actor’s Personal Life!

barney walsh girlfriend
Who is Barney Walsh's girlfriend?

Let’s find out who is Barney Walsh’s girlfriend? Well, as far as we know, he and her love partner started as mates, however, now they are very loved-up. Moreover, recently they enjoyed a winter holiday in Portugal. And it would be interesting to note that Barney Walsh is dating someone who had already demonstrated her potential by winning one of the oldest running international beauty pageants. And so, we can say that the girlfriend of Barney Walsh is someone who is usually in the limelight. But who is she? Well, if you too are curious to know more about the love life of Barney Walsh, then follow us as we dive through both his personal as well as professional life!

However, before we answer the main question, let us know a little more about him so that the article becomes handy for those also who are new to this name. Barney Walsh is a successful actor, presenter, and potential reality TV personality. Out of all the things he did, he gained the maximum stardom for the British television series in which he appears alongside his father. The series is titled “Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad.” In that, he takes his comedian and presenter father Bradley Walsh on a coming of age road trip across several countries.

From a young age, he was interested in acting. He has made several appearances in various television dramas for example Doctors and Law and Order, and trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Moreover, he is also a highly skilled pianist and had played on “Tonight on the Palladium”. Potentially, he had also played Young Arthur in the Warner Brothers feature film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword that was directed by Guy Richie. And for those who want to know his birth date, Barney Walsh was born on 2nd December 1997, in Westminister, London to Bradley Walsh and Donna Derby. And now, without playing with much of your curiosity, let us answer the question that who is Barney Walsh’s girlfriend?

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Who is Barney Walsh’s girlfriend?

Well, before anything else, we would like to let you know that Barney Walsh and his girlfriend have made their relationship Instagram official! So, Barney Walsh is dating a Puerto Rican musician, model, and beauty queen named Stephanie Marie Del Valle Díaz. And it would be worth mentioning that she was crowned Miss World 2016 on 18th December 2016. It was the 66th edition of the Miss World pageant. And with this, she became the second woman from Puerto Rico to ever win the Miss World title, after Wilnelia Merced in 1975. Interestingly, previously she had also bagged a national beauty pageant in Puerto Rico, Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico 2016. And now, let us discuss the things related to their love life!

For a while, the crazy fans of Barney Walsh and Stephanie Del Valle were searching for some hints that could make them believe that they both were in love. And interestingly, a few days ago, she had posted a beautiful photo of the two with sunset embellishing the frame from the background. They were in Portugal as described in the caption of that photograph.

barney walsh girlfriend
Barney Walsh with Stephanie Del Valle- Instagram post!

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More about the couple!

Well, you might be wondering how the two have met each other and the things related to their first meeting! So, Barney Walsh met the winner of Miss World 2016, or can say his future girlfriend while taking part in charity events as part of the Miss World Beauty With A Purpose initiative. When Barney hosted a Miss World competition in 2017. And after knowing each other for quite some time, they started as mates, however, now they are very loved-up!

barney walsh girlfriend
Barney Walsh with his parents and Stephanie Del Valle

It would also be interesting to note that in 2019 this adorable and eye-catching couple had made their way onto the red carpet at the BAFTA TV Awards. Interestingly, the happy couple was also pictured alongside Barney’s parents Bradley Walsh and Donna Derby. And now, what the latest rumors suggest is that this year, 2022 is set to be “a big year for them”. And so, we too are curious to see them taking their relationship a step forward by defining their bond.

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