Who is Ashanti’s Boyfriend? All About The Singer’s Dating Life

Ashanti's Boyfriend

The popular American singer Ashanti is amidst the media attention for her dating life. So today, we will tell more about Ashanti’s Boyfriend. Ashanti has gained massive recognition from the public for her versatile skills. Over these years, she became a successful singer. But, little did we know that she also established herself as an outstanding songwriter as well. Because of her increasing popularity, fans are constantly looking to know more about her life. This is one of the main reasons that her personal life is highlighted. Well, when it comes to the life of a celebrity, there’s no way a person can escape from the media’s clutches.

Since the very first day, people have been gaining deep interest in her love life. Moreover, recently on April 23, 2021, Ashanti posted a string of photos wherein she enjoyed her vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Well, she posted multiple photos out of which one specific picture garnered numerous speculations. She posted a picture with a man but didn’t describe his name. Her posts were full of comments related to her current love interest. Because of this picture, everyone started commenting on things that specifically focused on Ashanti and his relationship. Since people are curious to know about her. Let’s take a look at Ashanti’s boyfriend.

Ashanti’s Boyfriend

Speaking of her personal life, Ashanti is single, and she’s not looking for a relationship right now. Her Instagram posts didn’t provide us with any other hint except a picture she posted with an anonymous man. As of now, she didn’t provide any statement over that. Because her former relationships landed her in the massive limelight. This resulted in a lot of problems for her personally. So it is pretty obvious that Ashanti doesn’t want to share any detail about her romantic interests for now. And guess what? The anonymous man was none other than a party host.

Ashanti boyfriend
Nelly (left) and Ashanti (right)

Well, this was a huge revelation for many of her fans, but many people were upset because of the constant pressure she is currently dealing with. Her former relationship with the popular American Rapper Nelly was the talk to the tinsel town. Both of them were supposedly some of the best musical artists amongst the millennial generation. Thus, their split came as a shock to the whole fandom. Speaking of their bond, the two met each other at the 2003 Grammy Awards. The duo never talked about their relationship much, but still, they had a pretty strong bond. A bond that you won’t find these days.

Ashanti was spotted with her former boyfriend Nelly in different events. There were times when he even confessed his plans to marry her. At first, things were going well, but with time, their relationship started fading away. Soon, the couple broke up in the year 2013. Many of their fans were heavily disappointed, but because of the heavy publicity, both of them had to go through a lot of issues mentally. But they didn’t reveal anything about their relationship. As time went on, Ashanti opened up about her break-up and cleared the fact that she was betrayed.

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Ashanti’s Career Timeline

Ashanti started setting up her career in the early 2000s. Apart from being a singer and a songwriter, She achieved her acting endeavours too. She started gaining popularity for her talents at a very young age. And thus, Ashanti signed a contract under the record label Murder Inc. in 2002. In the same year, she became a part of many popular songs, and they are still trending to date. Because of her popularity, her debut album received immense fame. According to her stats, Ashanti’s debut album sold around 500,000 copies in the United States. And instantly, she received multiple awards for it too.

Ashanti boyfriend

These awards included American Music, Billboard Music Awards, and Grammy Awards. Ashanti’s debut album got her a triple-platinum certification. This was a huge achievement for an artist who had just recently entered the music industry. As time went on, her album kept on progressing, and she sold around 7 million copies globally. Within two years, she came up with two albums, and again she got another platinum certification, and it also reached the 13th position on Billboard top 100. Amidst her singing career, she started performing as an actress too. As of now, Ashanti is busy looking for more opportunities, and she’s still considered to be one of the most popular R&B singers of all time.

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