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Who is Ariana Grande Currently Dating?

Ariana with Dalton Gomez and the picture of her engagement ring
Ariana with Dalton Gomez and the picture of her engagement ring

Ariana Grande is a pop singer, and she recently received a Grammy Award along with Lady Gaga. Ariana has become popular and world-renowned in creating music, but initially; she started with acting. Over the span of her career, she has dated men from different walks of life. Recently she got engaged, and everyone is very eager and happy about that.

The fans have been speculating from her Instagram stories and posts and her fiancee’s stories and posts. However, his account is private still the stories spread all over the media. However, Ariana soon started putting up subtle pictures with confirmed that she is dating.

Who is Ariana dating?

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande is dating Dalton Gomez. Dalton Gomez is not a part of the media and entertainment industry. He is a 25- years old successful real estate agent at Aaron Kirman Group, a luxury real estate company in Los Angeles, USA. As the couple has kept the relationship low-key for a while, fans do not have information regarding their story about how they met and henceforth. The couple recently got engaged in 2020 December. Ariana posted a picture of both of them snuggling on the ground. She also posted the picture of the diamond engagement ring confirming their relationship.

Since when is Ariana Grande dating Dalton Gomez?

The couple has not revealed any information since when they see each other. However, earlier fans spotted the couple kissing at a pub. Ariana also posted an old black and white picture of Gomez. Gomez had posted a few stories with Ariana in his private account.

Apart from this, the couple tried to stay away from the paparazzi. They were able to do so due to the COVID lockdown. Gomez and Grande were quarantining in Ariana’s New York apartment. Later, Ariana bought a house at the Hollywood hills for moving in with Gomez. The lockdown period helped them stay together in peace and know each other better.

Earlier relationships of Grande have always been under the limelight, which made it difficult for her actually to be in the relationship peacefully. But this time, she kept her relationship quite private. Even though she teased pictures of her social media relationship, she directly did not reveal her lover.

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When did she make her relationship official on media?

The first time we got to know about Ariana dating was when she danced with her boyfriend in the song “Stuck with You.” The song is a collab between Grande and Justin Bieber. The song was released during the quarantine period of COVID-19 lockdown. There are various scenes of many common people and influencers such as Jay and Radhi Shetty quarantining together.

Justin Bieber was quarantining and spending time with his wife Hailey Bieber, whereas Ariana was dancing with Gomez. However, his face was not clearly visible in the video. He was seen wearing a black hoodie, and his face was out of the main camera frame. His face was shown only once that also when zoomed out. This showed that Ariana wanted to keep her relationship private for a while.

Ariana’s thread of posts related to Dalton Gomez.

For her 27th birthday, she posted some intimate pictures on her Instagram account. The pictures and videos consist of both of them enjoying themselves together. Dalton can be seen wearing a grey hoodie and kissing, hugging, and cuddling with her. The pictures seem intimate and precious. Ariana and Gomez seem very happy.

They even shared some moments at VMAS 2020. Gomez and Ariana can be seen all decked up and holding hands at the event. The post is mainly dedicated to the behind-the-scenes of VMAs where Ariana can be seen with Lady Gaga.
The singer also posted some peaceful moments of her and Gomez on Instagram. The couple can be seen kissing, and then there is a picture of their dog as a part of the family.

Finally, in December, she officially declares her engagement with Dalton. She posted the picture of them together smiling and cuddling, and then she also posted a picture of the diamond engagement ring.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez now!

Ariana with Dalton Gomez and the picture of her engagement ring

Ariana with Dalton Gomez and the picture of her engagement ring

The couple went on a date after a few days of Ariana posting about her engagement. They enjoyed their dinner date at FIA restaurant situated in Santa Monica, California, on a Saturday evening. Dalton also visited Ariana’s family for Christmas. They are said to be in it for the long haul, and many said that he is the one for Ariana. She continues to post more photos with him. We are all awaiting a story of their love.

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