Who Is Anya From Spy X Family?

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We otakus have fallen in love with lots of characters till now. But still, certain characters exist that we just can never forget. Anya Forger is an example of such a character. Spy X Family is an anime that we never knew how much we needed. We realized it the moment we saw the first episode. The story is good, but we have to agree that the story feels great because of Anya. She is like the heart and soul of this anime. We often wonder, how come we fall in love with fictional characters? But, characters like Anya makes us want to throw all sorts of logic out of the window and accept that we do love her and we’ll protect her from any harm. Well, we can’t do that either. Instead, Anya is one of those characters who ended up saving a lot of us from ourselves.

But who is Anya, and where did she come from? What are her abilities? What does she like and dislike? We want to know about her past as well as we want to know what kind of future lies ahead for her. There indeed are lots of questions that we want to know about Anya. The good thing is that we are here with our information about Anya Forger. So, let’s just get started in our quest to know all about Anya from Spy X Family.

Who Is Anya Forger?

Anya is a cute little girl who can read the minds of people. Loid was assuming that she would be four or five years old, but she claimed to be six years old. It felt like Anya lied about her age on purpose in order to get adopted by Loid. She was a human experiment of an unknown organization that named her “Subject 007”. She got her ability to read people’s minds because of the experiments done on her. But, she managed to escape that organization somehow, and ever since then, she has been running. In the first episode, it showed how many times Anya had changed families. That shows that she has been running all along. If Loid had not adopted her, she would still be running.

Anya’s “Waku-Waku!”

Now, let’s talk about what our little Anya likes and dislikes. She made it quite clear that she loves Peanuts and Bacon, and she hates Carrots. She likes Spy Wars anime and knowing that her father is a spy and her mother is an assassin makes her feel excited. She hates studying. Large crowds make her weak as she can’t process everyone’s thoughts at the same time. Now talking about her cuteness, her “Waku-Waku” is so cute that we are sure it cured depression of more than half of the population. Everything she says and does makes us feel glad that we existed so far to see her. Anya makes us feel glad to be alive. That’s who she is.

Broken Past Life

Anya is just a little girl. But she has been through a lot already. She was a human experiment of an unknown organization which gave her the ability to read the thoughts of people. At the age of playing, she had to bear the burden of world peace as the scientists never let her play and kept saying that she needed to learn to control her powers for the sake of world peace. She had to go through all that at such a young age. She had to run away from the organization in hopes that someday someone would take care of her. But, even that was nowhere to be found, as she kept running from orphanages and everyone who adopted her wasn’t good enough that Anya could settle at peace.

Loid Is Father Anya Always Needed

We have no knowledge about her biological parents. But, during the Eden Academy interview, when she was asked whether she’d love her real mother or the new mother, she started crying. This proves that she does have knowledge about her biological mother. Isn’t it sad that she has to hold a lot within and can’t even speak her heart out? She thinks that if her new family finds out about her abilities, she might have to run away again. Is this what happened with all other families? After knowing about her abilities, they couldn’t accept her, and that’s why Anya kept running. But now, we know this much, Anya may not have her biological family, but this Forger Family is more than any Real Family.

What Kind Of Future Might Be Ahead For Anya?

Agent Twilight needs this family just to fulfill his mission. But what will happen when his mission is over? Will Anya be sent back to some orphanage again? Nothing is certain, but we know that Loid may be a good Spy, but he is also a great father to Anya. So, when the time comes, his fatherly instinct will say not to let Anya get abandoned again. He knows more than anyone what it feels to be lonely. And we are more than sure that he is a more real father to Anya than her biological father could ever be.

Spy x Family Ending Theme
Future Expectations For Anya

And the 6th Episode of Spy X Family already showed us how badly Yor loves to be the mother of Anya. She can give up her life as well as take away the lives of others for the sake of Anya’s safety. She is and always will be the only mother of Anya. This family is all Anya needs. So do we.

Watch Spy X Family Online – Streaming Details

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Where To Watch Spy X Family?

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