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Who is Antoine Dupont’s Girlfriend? The Professional Rugby Player’s Love Interest & Career

Who is Antoine Dupont’s Girlfriend? What do we know about the professional rugby player’s love interest and career details? Starting from the basics, Antoine Dupont serves at the scrum-half for Toulouse in the Top 14. He has been playing for this team since 2017, winning the European Rugby Champions Cup during 2020-2021. Because of his notable playing skills, he won the title of World Rugby Player of the Year, last year. As an amateur, Antoine Dupont played for a couple of teams, one of which is Magnoac FC. His senior career started with him playing for Castres from 2014 to 2017. Not to forget to mention his excellence in playing for the national teams of France.

Talking about his love life, the rugby player is dating a beautiful young girl. It’s been quite a few years, Antoine Dupont is in a romantic relationship with the love of her life. However, his mother is quite strict about whom his son chooses as his life partner. This made the fans more curious to know Who is Antoine Dupont’s Girlfriend? This article is highly recommendable to you if you consider yourself as one of Antoine’s fans!

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Antoine Dupont’s Girlfriend: Relationship Status

When it comes to his love life, Antoine Dupont is dating his long-time girlfriend, who is called Charlene. Compared to the relationships of other rugby players, their romantic love life seems to be more stable and contented. It is not known when did they met each other but it is believed to be quite several years ago. This player is a bit private person when it comes to his personal life. Thus he hasn’t made anything more public about his girlfriend, Charlene. When asked about her, Antoine confessed Charlene to be his extreme support, especially during his struggling period.

Antoine Dupont's Girlfriend

Antoine Dupont with his long-time sweetheart, Charlene

The rugby player’s mother is not just strict but also very much picky about his son’s partner. This is the nature of every mother to make sure that is no bad influence put on their child. However, it seems like she has accepted Antoine’s relationship with Charlene.

Talking about his past relationships, Antoine has never been spotted outside, handing out with anyone suspicious. Thus, it is believed he to have had no romantic interest earlier. Charlene is assumed to be his first and last interest and fans believe them to tie the knot in future.

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Antoine Dupont’s Career Details & Other Facts

Besides knowing Antoine Dupont’s Girlfriend and how his love life is going, his fans are now interested in his birthday, age, achievements in career and whatnot. Let’s have a look at what we know about the rugby star.

How Old Is He? Zodiac Sign, Height & Weight

The versatile French rugby star, Antoine Dupont was born on 15 November 1996, which makes him 25 years old as in February 2022. As his birthday falls in the second last month of the year, his zodiac sign is Scorpio. He was born in  Lannemezan, France. As far as Antoine’s height and weight are concerned, he is 1.74 metres tall and weighs 84 Kg.

Antoine Dupont's Girlfriend

Antoine Dupont

Career Achievements

The versatile French rugby professional, Antoine Dupont has played for Magnoac FC from 2000 to 2011. Since then, he played for Auch for three years. After retiring from that team, Antoine started playing for Castres and continued for another three years. Representing France, he has played in the national teams- France U20 (2016), French Barbarians (2016). It was in 2020 when he received the title of Six Nations Player of the Tournament. Also, not to forget to mention him receiving Midi Olympique Oscar for best player. In short, Antoine Dupont is quite successful in his field and is set to achieve all his aims in a short period.

Learning about Antoine Dupont and his longtime girlfriend, they do make an adorable pair. Also, fans are looking forward to their marriage as they seem to be inseparable. However, neither of them have started making any plans for that. Best wishes to this couple for their respective careers and love life!

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