Who is Amira Dating Now After Split With Andrew Kento? 90 Day Fiance Couple Update

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Amira- Andrew Kenton

The popular reality television show 90 Day Fiance managed to garner overwhelming attention from fans because of the raunchy and unconventional idea behind the show. However, despite the bizarre idea behind the show, some couples had a happily ever after ending while some parted ways for good. 90 Day Fiancé fame Amira managed to grab eyeballs after whatever happens at the end of her part in the show. However, rumors have it that Amira has a new man in her life, and we are all about it in the article that is given below.

After a dramatic twist in Amira and Andrew’s story that did not have a happy ending that fans pretty much expected, it seems like Amira has already moved and is allegedly seeing another man, Camel Ventura. 90 Day Fiancé Season 8 was a whole lot dramatic as Amira struggled at the Mexican detention center as Andrew was in tears with seeing what’s next for the lovelorn couple. After an emotional end to this on and off a relationship, it seems like the two are not getting back together in the first place.

Amira- Andrew

However, it’s not what it seems like, and a new man has come into the frame! While there has been no concrete evidence that supports this rumor but fans have been quick enough to notice that Amira and Camel follow each other on social media, and they even comment on each other’s posts as well. For instance, Camel recently opened up about his late father, and Amira soon commented about be living in him. These instances are pointing towards the fact that something might be going on between the two.

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Amira And Andrew Kento: Are The Two Still Together?

While things did not go as planned between Andrew and Amira, given how they did not tie the knot at the end of the season and Amira was stopped at the detention center as well. Amira went on to make some severe allegations against her ex-boyfriend, stating that he might have tricked her into coming to Mexico. If this wasn’t enough drama between the alleged pair, Amira even used some indirect words to call out Andrew as a toxic person. Andrew, on the other hand, faced enough hate in the show as well and was quite disliked by some of the fellow members.

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However, the end left behind a huge question mark about Amira and Andrew’s future which is already looking dark enough. To add to this sparking fire, the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All is going to be a heated one as it has been speculated that Amira’s new boyfriend Camel Ventura might be a part of the Tell All as well! When asked about Amira’s new man, Andrew had an interesting reply and said that he rather feels bad for the man as he probably got played just like he did.

Amira And Camel Ventura: All About The New Pair In Town!

Amira and Andrew were together for almost two spit, of which Amira had spent nine months living with Andrew. While the couple got engaged back in 2018 only to not tie the knot at the end and it seems like Amira has moved on for good this time. Now that all the growing rumors of Amira dating Camel have already caught enough fire, there are some growing speculations that the two have already part ways! Andrew is already aware of the current rumor and is interested to hear Camel’s side of the story.

Amira - Andrew

While Amira’s relationship with Andrew is surely not getting right on track anytime soon, we are in for a whole lot of drama once Amira comes to reveal all about this alleged new man in her life. While the tell-all was a huge hit amongst fans, with Andrew storming off the sets and claiming how he has been poorly treated by others, fans have backlashed him by saying that he is playing the victim card. Amira and Andrew continue to throw shade at each other through indirect taunts and taking this out on one another. We are yet to know more about Camel Ventura.

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