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Who is Amber Frey & What is She Famous For?

Amber Frey
Amber Frey

The California resident named Amber Frey was involved with Scott Peterson romantically. The personality talked in an interview with ABC that she was working for the police in secret to help trap the now 44-year-old San Quentin prisoner in the crime of murder of his pregnant wife and unborn son. The convict named Scott Peterson has until now served up to 12 years in prison when the evidence or remains of her wife Laci Peterson and unborn child were found San Francisco Bay shoreline.

When Scott Peterson’s wife was almost 8 months pregnant, she disappeared from her home situated in Modesto, California, in 2008 on Christmas Eve. According to some sources, Laci was seen last on that day with her husband, Scott Peterson. Peterson, when the evidence was found, was sentenced to prison in November of 2004 for the first-degree murder of his wife and second-degree murder of his unborn child.

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Who is Amber Frey?

Amber Frey was born in 1975, and her parents are Ron Frey and Brenda. She was based in Los Angeles. California. Frey was born on 10 February and is currently 44 years old. The personality had two siblings, both younger than her, namely, Ava Frey and Jason Frey. Although her parents were divorced when she was just the age of five.

Who is Amber Frey?

Amber Frey

Amber did her graduation from Clovis High School, and then she got into Fresno City College. Frey graduated with a Child Development associate degree. Then she went on to train for Massage Therapy. She graduated with an associate’s degree in Child Development. Furthermore, she trained at Golden State College in Fresno, California, for Massage Therapy.

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What are the Details of Amber Frey Career and Incident?

Amber Frey is a massage Therapist professionally, and her life took a hit when she was brought as a murder witness of Laci Peterson. According to some sources, Frey was dating Scott Peterson, now her former boyfriend in the year 2002. She worked as a massage therapist and was a single mother of a child. She did not know about Scott Peterson’s pregnant wife and didn’t realize that she was indulged in a wrong relationship. The nightmare leaped onto Amber’s life when it was found out that Scott murdered his wife and his unborn child brutally.

Who is Amber Frey?

Amber Frey book “Witness: For The Prosecution of Scott Peterson”

Although after committing the crime, Scott deceived Amber and said that it was his first holiday without the presence of his wife. When the disappearance of Scott’s wife surfaced on news, Amber realized something fishy and contacted the police and informed them that she was dating Scott. She went on to work with the police and also recorded over 29 hours of a phone call with Scott. Amber’s efforts were a success, and in 2004, Scott Peterson was sentenced to death by lethal injection. The convict is currently in prison at San Quentin State Prison on death row. Amber also wrote a book, Witness: For The Prosecution of Scott Peterson, which included the experience and horror related to involvement in the case. Frey opened a spa after this, but this failed due to the crashing of the market.

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Who is Amber Frey Dating, and what is her net worth?

Amber had her share of experience with her love life and looking back at Scott Peterson, history is been horrible. When she was free from her murderer boyfriend, she moved on and tied the knot with a corrections officer named Robert Hernandez. The couple moved to the Central part of California with their son and daughter Justin and Ayianna. The couple also opened a spa, but it failed and after that couple also divorced shortly after this.

Who is Amber Frey?

Amber Frey and her daughter

As of now, Amber is in a relationship with Mika Iraklidis, who is at the age of 53. It seems like Faye are finally embraced her past and is living her life happily and sharing pictures with her boyfriend on her social media handle. Frey most assets and earning is via her entrepreneurship, massage therapy and also being an author. She was known for being a witness in an infamous murder trial. S of some reports suggests that that Amber is worth $400 thousand.

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