Who is Amanda Kloots Dating? Everything We Know About the Fitness Trainer

Amanda Kloots
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Amidst great criticism, Amanda Kloots has started dating again. The pandemic situations have been extremely stressful for everyone around the world. Life has come to a still. And the loss of loved ones makes it especially harder. But all we can do is to keep ourselves moving along with time. So is Amanda Kloots. She is a well-known fitness trainer now. Amanda lost her husband, Nick Cordero, last year due to COVID-19 complications. This year on July 5 marked a year to his passing away. Amanda shared memories of their time together. She said that there is no day when she doesn’t think of him and miss him. She also expressed her regrets about not being a good enough wife to him. There had been continuous fights over Nick’s decision of career change. And looking back on all that, Amanda felt like she should have been more supportive of him.

You can find the message Amanda left for Nick here.

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Nick Cordero passed away on July 5, 2020. The Broadway star complained of feeling tired during Amanda’s birthday party. Not so long after that, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted to the hospital. He was later diagnosed with COVID-19 there. By May 2021, his condition had greatly deteriorated. He suffered from lung scarring and had his right leg amputated due to a blood clot. Finally, he succumbed to his conditions in July. Amanda regularly keeps updating moments of her life with their son, Elvis. But now it seems she’s back on the dating track. She herself made it public in Friday’s episode on The Talk.

Last picture of Amanda with husband Nick (Via: Instagram)

Amanda Kloots’ Personal Life & Career

Amanda Kloots was born on March 19, 1982. She belongs to a family of five children and is the second youngest. Amanda started appearing in musicals as part of the ensemble on Broadway. Some of them include Bullets Over Broadway, Young Frankenstein, Follies, and Good Vibrations. Earlier she was a member of the dance group The Rockettes. She met her first husband, David Larsen, on the sets of Broadway in 2005. They later got married and divorced after six years. Amanda found love again on the same sets in form of co-star Nick Cordero. They both shared a sweet time together before deciding on getting married. The couple married in 2017 with a formal ceremony.

Nick and Amanda
Amanda and Nick during their honeymoon in Africa (Source: Instagram)

The couple had a son together in 2019. He is named Elvis Eduardo Cordero. During the start of the pandemic, Amanda decided to start a fitness tutorial online. She started a program with an online subscription to her videos. Alongside that, she regularly posted on her page videos and live content. Around the same time, Nick was admitted to the hospital. This put a large economic hardship on Amanda. But thanks to some of her celebrity trainees, she was able to make a good platform for herself. Amanda feels very satisfied with her Instagram family and is always thankful for their support.

with son elvis
(Source: Instagram)

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Who Is Amanda Kloots Dating Now?

Amanda became a permanent co-host on the show The Talk starting in 2021. In last Friday’s episode, she revealed about dating someone new. Amanda said it is very daunting for her. Both of her husbands met her on the sets of Broadway. So basically, she has no experience in actual dating to speak of. However, it is fun to meet new people for her. And it shows a great deal that Amanda is healing from her previous loss. But following this news, some people starting criticizing her decision. One of the comments on her Instagram post criticized her of moving on too fast. She instantly took to Instagram and slammed on the critics. The loss she had suffered was great and they had no right questioning her life choices.

Amanda with Anna
Amanda and her sister Anna with their co-published book (Via: Instagram)

All through this drama, Amanda Kloots hasn’t given full details about whom she is dating. She says there’s too much to it and she’ll reveal everything gradually. After Nick’s death, Amanda co-published her book with her sister, Anna, titled Live Your Life. This book recounts her life with Nick and their son Elvis. The past year has been especially harsh for her. With the loss of her husband and her new fitness program, it was truly difficult to move on with life. But she did and now stands as a strong, independent woman. Let us hope she finds love again in her life

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