Who Is Alissa Violet Dating In 2021? A Look Into Her Previous Relationship Dramas

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Youtuber Alissa Violet
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The life of YouTubers or social media influencers, in general, is not always sunshine and rainbows. And because of a large viewership, even their actions can get them into trouble. But at a time when everyone lives for the tea, controversies mean more spotlight. It is not new for some celebrities to knowingly cook up drama for attention. Stars with mischievous personalities get more fame naturally. They bring up personal feuds, rivalries, and even relationship issues on social media platforms. And their fans, naturally, take sides and create more ruckus. However foolish it might feel, these have become unavoidable if you are internet active. Alissa Violet is not excluded from these dramas too. While the professional life of the YouTube star seems peaceful, the same can’t be said about her romantic life. Of the few relationships she has found herself in, all ended with a lot of pain.

Alissa Violet Marie Butler was born on June 12, 1996. She was born and raised mostly in Ohio. She has attended Brunswick High School since 2014. Information about her family is not available online but we know that she has two brothers. Alissa wanted to work as a model after watching a Victoria’s Secrets commercial. She later moved to Los Angeles and started working for Next Models. At the same time, she was a part of Team 10 and dating Jake Paul. It was on his request that she moved to LA. Her first YouTube video in 2016 was a vlog about her Team 10 house life.

Alissa Violet: Love Life With Jake Paul & The Drama Around It

The YouTube star Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul both originally belong to Ohio. While on a visit to Ohio, Jake met with Alissa. Violet used to work for Panera Bread. Jake persuaded her to come to Los Angeles with him and join Team 10. She moved with him and this started their relationship as well. The couple would post cute pictures together and even feature in many vlogs. During her stay with Team 10, Alissa also featured in the TV show The Deleted. The fans were very happy with the Jalissa couple. However, the internet was taken by a storm after a snap made by Alissa in 2016. She was seen with her bags packed and standing on the street. Alissa opened up about having kicked out from the Team 10 house.

With Boyfriend
With Jake Paul (Source: YouTube)

Alissa accused Jake of cheating on her many times throughout their relationship. She even accused him of being mentally abusive. Jake took on to Twitter and said it was Alissa who cheated on him. According to the now-deleted tweet, she had cheated on him with someone very close. He even said that he very much loved Alissa. Alissa responded by saying it was never really between them. Jake constantly brought other girls to the house and made out with them. Jake made a diss track with the Team 10 members titled It’s Everyday Bro targeted at Alissa. She responded likewise and responded with her own diss track It’s Everynight Sis. The drama continued for a long time. It was also revealed that Alissa hooked up with Jake’s brother Logan. Amidst all the drama, the couple broke up in 2017.

#JALISSA was not real
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Alissa Violet And FaZe Banks Relationship Details

After getting kicked out of Team 10 and ending the drama with Jake Paul, Alissa joined the Clout Gang. She officially moved into the house in September 2017. Alissa had earlier worked with its member RiceGum for her diss track. Here, she started dating Ricky Banks. Ricky is the owner of the FaZe Clan, an e-sports organization. The couple dated for two years over a seemingly happy period. They dropped the news of their split in July 2019. It was publicized by Banks and was believed to have been mutual. Alissa later took on to Twitter and revealed the truth. She had found him cheating on her in their very own house. Then over a string of now-deleted tweets, she attacked Banks by exposing his cheating acts.

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The screenshots of the chats are available on Twitter user @ryan_itsyaboi account. Banks responded by saying that he truly loved Alissa and still does. He agreed to have done some stupid things and regrets it. However, he wishes Alissa all the love and support. And with this, ended another of Alissa’s relationships in shambles.

With Ricky Banks
Alissa and her ex-boyfriend Ricky Banks (Credits: YouTube)

Alissa Violet’s Current Relationship Status

Love life for Alissa has been harsh. Both of her previous relationships ended with huge dramas. And obviously, it is exhausting for her. There were rumors of Alissa and Banks reuniting raised by YouTuber Keemstar. Over an Instagram story, he showed the similar backgrounds of Alissa’s and Banks’. It was clear enough that Alissa was in Banks’ house. Although there was no official news of them dating once again. So as of now, Alissa does not seem to be dating anyone. Hope she finds the right one soon and gets to live peacefully without any more dramas.

Banks' house
Proof of Alissa being at Banks’ house (Source: Instagram)

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