Here’s what we know about Alfie Boe’s partner. Well, we all know how successful this English tenor, actor, and performer was in musical theatre. Multiple award-winning artists have earned a lot of respect and fame over the years. Everyone best known him for his performance in the musical Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre in London, All-Star Staged Concert, and the 2014 Broadway revival as well.

Besides that, he also appeared in so many films and series as a lead actor. Fans always got excited whenever he released his album because everyone is so mesmerized by his voice. But this time, he shocked everyone, and no one still is not ready to admit the fact that a celebrity like him can do such things to hurt himself.

So if you are here to know the truth that what did he do to himself and why you are in right place. Here we will reveal everything about Alfie Boe’s personal life and what going on in his life. Further, we will also reveal everything about Alfie Boe’s partner Sara Boe.

Alfie’s failed attempt at suicide

Well, let me tell you the reason why everyone is so disappointed with him. Recently, on BBC’s Freeze, the Fear Alfie revealed that he attempted suicide. He took a lot of pills and tried to kill himself. And the reason was found out to be his broken relationship with his wife. It seems that he is not moved on from his marriage that ended up in 2020. Moreover, Alfie also admits that it was such a stupid decision he made. On the other hand, he is also very thankful to God, who saved him and made him realize that he was going to make a very stupid decision in his life.

Michael Ball and Alfie Boe
Michael Ball and Alfie Boe enjoy each other’s company.

He also mentioned that he was in depression and not in his senses for a long time after he ended his 18 years of marriage. And he also made a statement by saying that the reason why he now telling everyone about his failed attempt at suicide is that he wants everyone to learn from his mistake. On the other side he also believed that depression is such a serious matter to discuss, everyone should talk to their loved ones about what they are feeling.

And let me tell you, Boe is now learning from his mistakes and trying to get back to normal and move on from his past. But one thing that will always hurt him is his broken marriage. Yes, you heard it right.

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Alfie Boe’s relationship with his ex-wife Sara Boe

Alfie Boe ended, and Sara Boe ended their 18 years of marriage, and they are no longer together. In 2020, Alfie announced that both of them decided to split up after 18 years of a successful marriage. Alfie is now separated from his wife and two kids as well. And he is most probably single at present. He is not seeing anyone right now. Besides that, both of them never even imagine that one day they will end up getting divorced from each other. And it’s been almost two years that they are not together. And it seems that Alfie is not over yet and is not ready to accept the fact that he doesn’t live with his kids and ex-wife.

Alfie Boe and Sara Boe
Who is Alfie Boe’s ex-wife Sara Boe?

But he always appreciates his ex-wife’s existence and he misses all the moments he lived with her. He always says that Sara is such a wonderful woman, mother, and wife as well. The person who will be with her would be very lucky. But the reason why they are not together any more is that he believes that he didn’t make his wife as happy as she make him. He didn’t prove himself as the best dad and a husband. Though Sara and Alfie are good friends and regularly meet, both of them can’t ignore the fact that things will never get back to the way they were before.

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Who is Sara Boe?

Moving further, let’s now flash some light on Alfie Boe’s ex-partner Sara Boe’s life. Well, let me tell you, Sara is not as famous as his ex-husband. She keeps her personal life private. Everyone only knows her as Alfie’s ex-wife. And one more thing we know about her is that she met Alfie when he was rehearsing for La Boheme in San Francisco. Besides that, we are still figuring out how can we find out about Sara Boe’s early life and career.

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