Who Is Alex Scott Dating? The Football Star’s Personal Life

Who Is Alex Scott Dating?

Alex Scott, the incredible woman who was an excellent footballer and now an amazing TV personality. But the question is, who is Alex Scott dating? Because who would not like to date a woman like her. She is a making player, she is an incredible host, she is hilarious, and she is everything a boy wants in her girl. But recently, Alex said that she tried online dating while isolated alone and being isolated alone can be very lonely and depressing. She said she was forced to download an online dating app, but it didn’t go well. She said she has no interest or hope from her online dating life that ended before it started. It is said that she went on dates with guys who swipe right, but things went left.

Alex has represented Great Britain’s football team at the Olympics. Alex has also played 140 matches for England. She is the Wonder Woman of the football world. She works as a soccer expert on BBC sports. Alex has also received an MBE for her achievement in her football career. And in 2017, she took her formal retirement from her football career. Alex is the real example of Feminism, and women like her are real influencers who motivate other women to step out of their comfort zones and be the best version of themselves.

Who Is Alex Scott Dating?
Alex Scott And Corrie Sam Robertson Were Spotted On A Date Together. (Credits: Irish Mirror)

This world and the entertainment industry needs a woman like Alex. But the question here is who is ruling Alex’s heart. And who is Alex Scott dating?

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Who Is Alex Scott Dating?

Alex Scott is dating Corrie Sam Robert. After Alex’s online dating was a disaster, she called her online dating life “Hopeless.” She has been very private about her personal life, but still, the media managed to breached her privacy which is somehow affecting her life. She said media make things legit for her even when she is not sure about things. Alex opened up about her mental health, where she talked about her relationship status.

She said when she tried online dating. She went on a date with Corrie Sam Robert, and according to her, it went well. But when the next day she woke up, they were all over the headlines because someone in the restaurant clicked a picture of them having dinner together. And they were not officially dating, but the media legitimized them. So, according to Alex, it didn’t go so well. However, she did not mention that they still see each other or they parted their ways. But Alex Scott is connected with the Scottish Actor Sam. But recently, Alex was seen flirting with rapper Wretch. Let’s see what happens.

Who Is Alex Scott’s Potential Boyfriend Corrie Sam Roberts?

Alex’s potential boyfriend, Corrie Sam Roberts, is a Scottish Actor and a model. He portrayed Adam Barlow in the TV series Coronation Street. Alex and Sam will make an amazing pair. And Alex’s fan has already blessed the pair. But Alex did not like the way her fans reacted. She said they were just having dinner. They made her legitimate without even respecting her privacy. She said this was one of the reasons she was in depression.

Alex said that she was in depression. She said she always had a concrete smile on her face so that her friends and family don’t get bothered. But she was heartbroken. She said in her difficult phase. She was being trolled. Alex mentioned that there was a misunderstanding that she would be replacing Sue Barker, which was never going to happen. Alex said that she never even talked to BBC. She said she had no intention of replacing anyone. And the amount of hate she received for it was devastating.

She said that the online hate and troll was the reason for her depression. She also said that it’s high time that the world starts prioritizing mental health and start talking about it. Alex said the hardest part of her depression phase was pretending that everything is okay. She said that it was very frustrating, and she wanted someone to be there for her.

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