Who Is Alessandro Michele’s Partner? The Fashion Designer’s Love Life & Career

Alessandro Michele Partner

Here, we look into who Alessandro Michele’s Partner is. What do we know about the Italian fashion designer’s love interest and career? Many of you do use the accessories of the Gucci brand. Do you know who serves as the creative director of the same? Here he is! Alessandro is pretty much known for his maximalist designs. Back in 2016, he earned an award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Most of his flamboyant designs are inspired by films. According to him, clothes can never be valuable if they don’t have any historic context.

Knowing so much about his unique design thoughts and skills, fans are interested to learn what’s going on in his personal life. Well, when we talk about his love interest, you must know that Alessandro is vocal about being of the same gender loving. This has made some of you more curious about his love life. The designer is leading a happy life with his long-time partner. Let’s dive deeper to know the details of Alessandro Michele’s Partner.

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Who Is Alessandro Michele’s Partner?

When we talk about Alessandro Michele’s Partner, we mean his long-time relationship with Giovanni Attili. In case you are wondering about his identity, Giovanni doesn’t belong to the fashion industry but is a great author. Hailing from Rome, Italy, he is 48 years old as of now. One of Giovanni’s noteworthy writings is Where Strangers Become Neighbours: Integrating Immigrants in Vancouver, Canada. He is often regarded as a brain cap. Little did you know, Alessandro Michele’s Partner, Giovanni, serves as a professor at the Sapienza University of Rome.

Alessandro Michele's Partner
Alejandro Michele’s Partner, Giovanni Attili appears to be a pet lover

Moving on with their romantic love life, it’s going pretty well. Both are in different professions and aren’t linked by even a percentage. But, there is a saying that opposites always attract. Alessandro has romantically made a pendant for Giovanni. It is fashioned from a plaited lock of his hair and decorated with pearls. How sweet! When asked about where he met, the fashion mogul confirmed it was on Myspace. Initially, he wasn’t interested at all in opening an account on this social media platform. However, on a friend’s recommendation, Alessandro made it in 2005.

Even though he is famous worldwide, he still thinks that his partner is his greatest fortune ever in life. Despite maintaining a busy and hectic schedule, the love birds always take out time and spend quality time together. Also, Alessandro never fails to gush about his love interest whenever asked, stating him not to be just intelligent but supportive as well. With time, their bond is getting stronger, and we are excited for the news of their marriage to fall soon. But, neither Alessandro nor Giovanni has made any announcements of planning so far.

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Alessandro Michele’s Career & Others

Besides learning the details of Alessandro Michele’s Partner and their romantic love life, fans are interested to learn a lot more about his aesthetic fashion career. Born on 25 November 1972, makes him 49 years old at present. He was born in Rome, Italy. You may follow this fashion mogul on his Instagram account, having overall 1.1 million followers as of now.

Alessandro Michele's Partner
Alessandro Michele

Serving in such a prestigious position for Gucci, Alessandro is responsible for the brand’s global image and collections. He is a great believer in the fact that states that fashion always highlights the existence of an individual. Well, because of his fine designs, be it on Gucci apparel, accessories, and others, he has gained massive popularity and success in life. Back in 2019, this international brand did launch its first fine jewelry collection, with its fine extraordinary designs loved by all. Alessandro’s passion and dedication towards it have taken him to such a great place.

Best Wishes to Alessandro for the upcoming days of his career! Also, hoping his relationship with Giovanni stays eternal.

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