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Who does Tomoya End Up With In ‘Saekano’?

Who does Tomoya end up
Tomoya and Megumi

Who does Tomoya end up with? What has happened in the finale? Tomoya has ended up with Megumi or Nagisa? Tomoya is the main character of the series Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata. The anime series is totally based on love and affection. The series genre is a romantic comedy. Fans from all over the world is a huge fan of Saekano. This series was written by Fumiaki Maruto. It was published between July 2012 to October 2017. The series has a total of 13 volumes, and each volume is popularly successful. It was officially released o January 9th, 2013. And sadly ended on the 20th of October 2017.

It is one of the Japanese novel series that is loved by the whole world. From every corner of the world, people are crazy. This series has really made everyone feel happy. Not only happy, but it has made the country proud. It has romance, love, and friendship. Basically, the novel series is based on teenagers. That’s why teenagers love this series most. Every viewer raises a question that Tomoya ended up with whom? So, in this article, we will discuss Tomoya’s relationship status. Who were his girlfriends? And most importantly, we will discuss Tomoya’s family. If you are unaware of Saekano and Tomoya, then let give a brief discussion.

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Who does Tomoya end up with?

Every viewer raises the question, “who does Tomoya end up with?” Tomoya Aki is the main character of the series. At the end of the series, Tomoya ended up with Megumi. Tomoya’s birthdate is 18th December. He has many nicknames like Tomo, Tomoya-senpai, Rinri-Kun, Furini-Kun, and Akkie. In the second last volume of the series, Tomoya confesses his love and asked Megumi. And in the last volume, it has shown that Megumi has accepted Tomoya. She said that she also loves him a lot. Even having feelings for each other, neither of them confesses. But ends well, so all’s well. In the end, Tomoya married Megumi. At the series finale, they are happily married and also members of Blessing Software. Tomoya and Megumi become Chairman and Vice-chairman, respectively.

Megumi was not much familiar with otaku culture. But still, she believed in Tomoya’s passion and motivate him.  Tomoya was losing the hope that Megumi feels for him. He almost has lost hope. But then suddenly he declared that Megumi is her only partner and she will be Tomoya’s heroine. Tomoya selected her for the game and also praised that she is Tomoya’s greatest partner. Megumi helped Tomoya in game-making after their friends Eriri and Utaha left Tomoya. And all these go well. Then in the 12th season, he proposed Megumi. She accepted him, and they kissed. She also confesses her love for Tomoya.

Who does Tomoya end up

Cute moment of Tomoya and Megumi

Saekano’s volumes

Saekano: How to raise a boring girlfriend is a novel series. It is a popular Japanese novel that was released on 2019 October 26. It has a total of 13 volumes. Saekano is an anime television series. This series is totally based on the novel Saekano, written by Fumiaki Maruto. Kanta Kamei has directed the series. Its main character is Tomoya Aki. The series has a total of 13 seasons, and the first season has 13 episodes. The first episode of the first season was on-aired on 9 January 2015 and ended on 27 March 2015. Saekano’s second season has 12 episodes. Its title was Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat which was on-aired on 14th April 2017 and ended on 23rd June 2017.

The first season’s theme song was “Kimiiro Signal,” which was loved by everyone. Luna Haruna has sung Kimiiro Signal. Luna Haruna is a wonderful Japanese singer and an amazing fashion model. And the ending song was “Colorful”. Miku Sawai has sung Colorful. Miku Sawai is a marvelous Japanese musician. Her best songs are the theme songs of the series, Kimi to Boku, Kill la Kill, Saekano, etc. The second season’s opening theme song was “Stella Breeze”. Luna Haruna has sung Stella Breeze. And its ending song was “Pink Diary”. You can watch the second season of Saekano on Amazon video.

Who does Tomoya end up

Poster of Saekano.

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