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Who Does Tasha Mack End Up With In ‘The Game’?

The Game
Tasha Mack (played by Wendy Raquel Robinson)

The drama and comedy sitcoms from the past decades are the ones that deserved to be rewatched. One from the list is the show called “The Game”. Produced by Kelsey Grammer, more popular as Dr. Frasier Crane on the NBC sitcom Cheers, and created by Mara Brock Akil. The show was one of the breakthrough shoes for showing representation. Looking at new viewers finding out about the show, the OTT streaming service Paramount+ has pitched in to develop another season to stream. And to catch up for the upcoming season, fans have been wanting to find out more about Tasha Mack i.e. the fans’ favorite and who does she end up with.

The show followed Melanie Barnett-Davis and Tasha Mack and their families. And the choices they make to keep everyone and everything together. “The Game” began with the CW networks but unfortunately got canceled after three seasons. But looking at the popularity of the show, the BET networks didn’t spend much time to buy the rights of the show and its production. The series went on to get six more seasons adding an interesting storyline and introducing new characters. The final season came out in 2015.

Who Does Tasha Mack End Up With

Tasha Mack and her ex-flame Rick Fox

The Spino-off, Cast, And Characters

“The game” is the spin-off show to the 2000s drama show “Girlfriends”. It was one of the successful shows portraying women taking the lead in their lives. The show follows Toni Childs-Garrett (played by Jill Marie Jones), Maya Wilkes (played by Golden Brooks), Lynn Searcy (played by Persia White), and Joan Clayton (played by Tracee Ellis Ross). The four women are strong and trying to be independent in the biased world. The show ran for eight years, starting in 2000 and ending in 2008.

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While “The Game’ follows the wives and girlfriends of pro football players. As they work behind the scenes for the players. Doing everything they can to get the best out of everything. The cast of “The Game” is star-studded, with Tia Mowry Hardrict playing the role of Dr. Melanie Barnett. And Wendy Raquel Robinson playing Latasha, aka Tasha Mack. With Hosea Chanchez playing Malik Wright, Pooch Hall playing Derwin Davis, and Rockmond Dunbar playing Pookie. The cast will be coming back for the new season too.

Who Is Tasha Mack and Who Does She End Up With?

Tasha Mack is one of the most loved characters in the show. Leading an interesting life in love and career, she has always drawn people in. Being a fan’s favorite, people have been wanting to know who did Tasha Mack end up within the finale. She is the mother of Malik Wright, a third-string quarterback for the San Diego Sabers, and also acts as his manager. She is also seen as Melanie Barnett-Davis, Kelly Pitts, and Chardonnay Pitts’s friend and confidant. But as her son fires her from the position, instead of falling down, she keeps her back straight and starts her own management company. To level up her game, she joins hands with Irv Smiff Management. But falling in love with her co-worker Rick Fox who is also a former NBA basketball player, costs her job. But again, she doesn’t give up and ends up taking her company back.

Who Does Tasha Mack End Up With

Pookie proposing to Tasha.

She has had a number of romances but ended up with her ex-boyfriend Pookie. From a man named Donté, who was very much younger than her, to a brief romance with a good-looking male escort. In the middle, she even ends up falling again for her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Pookie. And as time goes by, the ex-flame Rick Fox also comes back seeing for another chance. Left with not one but two lovers asking to stay with her, Tasha falls into the love triangle with Rick and Pookie. In a situation, Pookie ends up shooting Rick accidentally. Fortunately, it wasn’t serious so Rick didn’t call the police on him. By the end, understanding that Tasha is not coming back, he leaves her and Pookie alone.

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