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Who does Sookie End up With In The Vampire Series ‘True Blood’?

Who does Sookie End up with
True Blood.

Most vampire series has always intrigued a lot of viewers. The well-designed stories of vampires, monsters, and fantasy creatures keep up the excitement level to the fullest. The same went for the 2008 HBO horror series, True Blood. It was based on Charlaine Harris’s fantasy novel The Southern Vampire Mysteries. The show was a big hit among teenagers and several adults alike. As the show progressed, it gained multiple mixed reactions, some negative reviews especially targeted towards the show’s finale. The protagonist Sookie finds a mystery lover that was never shown. Who does Sookie end up with? A question everyone wanted an answer to. The Southern Vampire Mysteries was not the best book with a poorly written ending, but it does give away the answers that the show left us with. 

True Blood concluded by 2014 after completing 7 seasons. The show featured several talented actors and actresses like Anna Paquin, Stephanie Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård, and Sam Trammell. Each season revolves around Sookie, the protagonist who was born in Temps with telepathic powers. As a child, she was put through various psychological tests due to her powers. As an adult, she worked as a waitress. Now Sookie’s romantic life was not dry through the seven seasons. She had some potential love interests that fans were really happy shipping. So which ship did actually sail? Who does Sookie end up with? Wondering who her mystery man towards the end was? Here is everything we know about Sookie’s love interest. 

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Who does Sookie end up with?

Sookie, being the protagonist, was offered a huge amount of hype, especially when it came to her romantic life. She had several tempting potential lovers to go with, like the werewolf Alcide, the vampire Bill, and Eric. However, despite all the heart race and fan fights concerning ships, True Blood concluded shockingly with Sookie pairing up with a nameless, mysterious character. Fans were outraged by the ending and went on a hate rant against the final season. The other characters found their ending by being dead or by finding their own love stories. So who does Sookie end up with? The television series finale left several confusions, which were finally clarified in the book. 

true blood love triangle

Sookie, Bill, and Eric: The True Blood Love Triangle.

Sookie Merlotte was a hybrid human and a fairy. Like the television show, she was also the protagonist of The Southern Vampire Mysteries and its 12 sequel books. She worked as a waitress at Merlotte’s Bar and Grill, whose owner was Sam. Throughout the series, Sookie was mostly invested with Bill. Then there was Eric, with whom she shared some lovable moments. True Blood ends with a time skip where we see Sookie married and pregnant. Great news, right? The book reveals that Sookie married Sam and had four children with him; two sons named Neal and Jennings and two daughters named Adele and Jillian Tara. 

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Sam and Sookie

The ship name for Sam and Sookie was Stacklotte. The couple’s relationship grew from friendship to a healthy, lovable marriage. Sam Merlotte was a shapeshifter. The pairing was cute, and many fans were satisfied with it too. It made sense why Sookie found her solace in Sam. He was rather normal, and unlike her previous relationship with vampires, this time, she had found someone who could actually feel. I hate to admit it, but there was a lot of bad writing involved with this ship too. Sookie was a good character, but half the time, she didn’t even know what she wanted. The same went on with Sam. It was quite unbelievable how aimlessly the story flew from time to time. Sookie seeks a normal love interest led her to Sam. 

Sookie and sam

Sookie and Sam.

Stacklotte had a nice ring to it. They shared passionate kisses that could not have gone unnoticed by anyone. The chemistry between them was also good. Now that we know who Sookie’s mystery man was, we can conclude that the end was not so bad after all. I bet there were many Sam fans, too in the True Blood fandom. The story comes back to the beginning after 12 books. It was a bland ending, sure, but I’m just glad it gave the curiosity concerning the mystery man an end. 

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