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Who does Scarlett O’Connor end up with in Nashville?

Who does Scarlett O’Connor end up with in Nashville? The American musical soap opera television series Nashville is helmed by the talented Callie Khouri. It stars the likes of stars such as Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, and Eric Close. Nashville first debuted on ABC in 2012, and it ran for six straight seasons before it concluded in 2018 with 124 episodes. The basic plot of the show documented the life and times of country music singers from the state of Nashville, United States.

Now coming to the main purpose behind writing this piece. We know you want to know who Scarlett ends up within at the end of Nashville? It’s an interesting question, especially for those of you who had a deep sense of interest in her character. If you may remember, she was advised by a man named Gunnar to put her poetry into music. The latter was Avery Barkley’s romance interest on the show. This may seem like a lot right now, and we do definitely have an answer for you, and it’s written down below, so please keep reading as you go into it.

Nashville: Basic Premise Of The Musical Show

Alright that being said, the basic premise of Nashville is concerned it has picked up things from the city of music (Nashville) itself. It bases itself on that city vibe, how people are into the whole music scene, the scenery of the state, and at that, it does a fantastic job. It was a good show to be in with, but after a while, things got mundane on it, and therefore it had to wrap up its run in 2018. The main heroine of the series is the 40-year-old woman named, Rayna Jaymes who has a rival, namely, Juliette Barnes. While the former is a well-known “Queen of Country Music,” the latter is the best-selling young star.

They are no longer rivals in the grand scheme of things. When Rayna discovers her writing talent of Scarlett O’Connor, she used her to lure her into the music scene. She picks herself up to get her singing career started again. But obviously, it is not as easy as it seems for Rayna. Scarlett O’Connor and Juliette Barnes have much more in common than they thought. More characters in the show included the guitarist, Deacon Claybourne, and Rayan’s daughter Maddie Conrad. Some other characters, such as Hallie Jordan and Ashley Wilkenson, were recurring on the show.

Scarlett O’Connor and Gunnard on Nashville.

Scarlett O’Connor and Gunnard were the core of Nashville.

The TV series wasn’t an ordinary one, for it dealt with music and intertwined it with the main plot. So one could say that it was a TV musical. More than three years have passed, and fans still want to know who their dear character ended up with. Did she end up with Gunnar?

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Who does Scarlett O’Connor end up with in Nashville?

More than anything, fans wanted to know who Scarlett was going to go with. But as the niece of guitarist Deacon, she had her own story, which took a life of its own. She was the innocent blue-eyed girl initially (she could easily remind fans of August Rush). She was shown to be in an on-again/off-again romance with a character named Gunnar Scott (played by Sam Palladio). Despite what the majority of the fans had predicted for her, she didn’t end up with Gunnar at all. In fact, by the end of the series, the do-eyed, talented musician ended up with a man who is her husband in real life. In the final scene, it was shown that Scarlett was engaged to a man while on a musical tour with Deacon.

Scarlett's real-life husband was cast on Nashville.

Scarlett ended up with her real-life husband on the show.

Played by the actress Clare Bowen, Scarlett found love in her mystery man, her real-life hubby, and a real-life musician named Brandon Robert Young. While fans were overjoyed she didn’t find love in the toxic Gunnar at the end, some were disappointed, especially those who wanted to see the two of them together.

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