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Who Does Owen Hunt End Up With? G.I. Joe With G.I. Jane

who does Owen Hunt end up with?

Who does Owen Hunt from Grey’s Anatomy end up with? In this article, we would talk about who does Owen Hunt from Grey’s Anatomy ends up with and also about his relationship with characters from throughout the show. Before jumping in that, let’s talk about the show itself. Grey’s Anatomy is a long-running medical drama series on ABC. The show is created by Shonda Rhimes. The series follows the story of Meredith Grey and the team of doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial. She first starts as an intern at the hospital and later becomes the chief of general surgery.

Where does Owen Hunt come in then? Owen first enters the series at the start of the fifth season. He came to the hospital to care for his patients as a Major as he was an army trauma surgeon. And the rest is history. Ever since then, Dr. Owen Hunt has been a part of our everyday binge. Here he also first met Christina. Christina was his initial love interest in the series. The love story takes off from that point and keeps afloat for five years. There were disagreements, fights, break-ups and patch-ups, cheating, and marriage in those five years.

Are Owen And Christina Still An Item?

As soon as he entered, Owen managed to impress Christina. Owen entered the show as an army trauma surgeon who was on holiday. He performed surgery on another patient. Hunt himself has had a wound on his leg, and Christina asked him to get it stitched up. Christina then takes him to close up the wound on his leg. She was getting ready to stitch up Owen’s leg, but he grabs a stapler and closes the wound himself. In the following episode, Christina gets impaled by an icicle and was rushed into the trauma room. Owen comes in and reads the X-ray films that her interns couldn’t and removes the icicle from her abdomen. He stays there, taking care of her wound and talking to her. Before leaving at the end of the episode, he shares a kiss with her.

Who does Owen Hunt end up with?

Two months later, he returns and takes up on the offer for being the head of trauma surgery. From there, it was a bit rocky for the couple as they both avoided each other at the start. Slowly and steadily, they formed a connection, and two started flirting back and forth at the hospital. Things between them again slowed down a bit after Owen’s ex-wife comes in the hospital with her sick father. After this, there was an incident involving a PTSD attack, then again a break-up. Much such back and forth later, they finally tie the knot. And that joy was short-lived too. Owen cheated on Christina with a nurse, which ultimately broke their marriage, but they remained friends until Christina left for Switzerland. Enter Amelia.

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So Owen Hunt End Up with Amelia Shepherd?

After Christina left him, Owen solely focused on work. He didn’t pursue any new relationships or even went on dates despite Callie’s constant encouragement to do so. However, he soon began to have feelings for Amelia. The two bonded over Amelia’s past life and how she lost her baby. Amelia thought that mixing personal life and professional life would not be such a good idea. After a procedure went wrong, Amelia fought with Owen and ended their relationship. Soon after, Owen went on another tour to Iraq. Upon his return, he eventually broke the news regarding her brother’s demise. The two once again started getting close and Amelia finally decided to propose to Owen. They got married in front of their family and friends.

Who does Owen Hunt end up with?

Although the marriage was short-lived, they had differences in opinion about starting a family. Amelia then left home and didn’t come for weeks. she even avoided Owen at the hospital. After months, Owen had had enough, and he decided to end the marriage. Just as he was about to, he found out that Amelia has a tumor. The tumor was removed, and the marriage still ended. Owen then decided to foster a baby named Leo, who was a child of a drug addict named Betty. He couldn’t do it alone, so he asked Amelia for help, and she moved in with him, and they once again got back together. Then came Teddy bearing the news that she is pregnant with Owen’s child. Here, Owen did chose Amelia over Teddy. Leo and Betty went back to Betty’s parents. They started fighting and eventually broke up.

Who Does Owen Hunt End Up With?

Currently, in the series, Owen Hunt is with Teddy Altman. Yes, we know! And now, for those who don’t know why this is such a big deal, here’s a little story for you. Teddy and Owen met while they were both army surgeons. Both developed feelings for each other. He brought Teddy as a present for Christina, claiming her to be a ‘cardio goddess’. Teddy later tells Owen that he brought her as a present for his girlfriend, Christina. After the two had a heart-to-heart, Owen almost kissed Teddy but stopped himself as he still loves Christina. Teddy left Seattle to work in Germany, but the two still remained friends.

Who does Owen Hunt end up with?

After Amelia and Owen’s marriage ended, Owen arrived at Teddy’s doorstep in Germany. They were having a nice day, and he slipped out that Amelia was the one who told him to seek out Teddy. After hearing this, Teddy was angry with him. So much so that she asked him to leave. When Teddy found out that she was pregnant, she went back to Seattle. The two got along during the pregnancy. They both realized that they were in love with each other. Owen told her that he loved her as she was giving birth to their daughter, Allison. People kept asking them when is the couple going to tie the knot, but they didn’t have an answer. Finally, it happened, Owen proposed to Teddy, and they both almost got married. On their wedding day, Owen found out that she was cheating on him with Tom.

The Marriage Ended So Is Owen Hunt Single?

Apparently, during the season 17 finale, Owen once again proposed to Teddy, and she said yes. The G.I. Joe and G.I. Jane are back together. Throughout the season, there was tension between the two characters. So to answer the question, who did Owen Hunt end up with? The answer is Teddy Altman. We don’t know what is next in store for us in season 18. The new season premieres on September 30. Don’t miss out on it.

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