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Who Does Meredith End Up With? All About The Beloved Grey’s Anatomy Character!

Derek And Meredith
Derek And Meredith

Do we know Who Does Meredith ends up Up With? The medical drama series Greys Anatomy is one of the most popular shows, and fans surely cannot get enough of it! With as many as 17 seasons and more to come, the show is an iconic project in itself! One of the most adorable couples in the show was that of Meredith Grey and Dr. Derek! The two met while Meredith was still an intern, and their romance bloomed with every season! While Derek and Meredith had faced a few bumps on the way, including the one where Derek’s ex-wife returned! Not to forget the epic ‘ Choose Me’ scene and the marriage proposal scene! 

The two finally overcame every hurdle and relationship issue and tied the knot not once but twice! However, their fairy tale romance came to a heartbreaking end after Dr. Derek was killed off in season 11. While fans mourned Derek’s death isn’t his show, series creator Shonda Rhimes confesses that while it was extremely heartbreaking to kill the character off, the writers felt like that was the only way to make Meredith and Derek’s love remain true and forever frozen in time! Let us take a look at the details of Who Does Meredith End Up With. 

Who Does Meredith End Up With?

Meredith went through an extremely difficult phase after she lost her husband, the show has been showing the actor in flashbacks as Meredith often remembers her late husband. However, there were a few men whom the lead star dated for a while. Derek was the best man, but he was not all perfect as Yang said he is not the sun, Meredith is! 

Derek And Meredith

Derek And Meredith

Meredith Grey dated William Thorpe for a while, and he was the man who was romantically associated with the lead star after Derek’s character was killed off in the series. However, the spark was short-lived, and they soon parted ways! Fans still cannot forget how William said that he would what for her! While social media went into a total frenzy after the Belanger character was killed off, Shonda Rhimes explained how it was the right thing to do. The makers had to choices, and killing off the character was better than putting him in bad lighting!

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Did Meredith End Up With Andrew DeLuca?

Meredith and Andrew DeLuca’s beautiful love story started with a cozy moment that they shared during Jo and Alex’s wedding in season 14. The two confessed their feeling for each other and soon ended up dating in season 15! Their romance blossomed, and Meredith seemed to be saying I Love You to Andrew soon after. The actor has admitted that it was a bit intimidating to play Meredith’s love interest in the hit series.

However, Giacomo Gianniotti’s Dr. Andrew DeLuca was killed off after he was stabbed and six-bed to the injury. Andrew flight a heroic battle to stop a sex trafficker but could not save his own life. DeLuca is later seen on Meredith’s dream beach. Even though it was a dream sequence, he was finally able to have an emotional farewell with his former love interest before walking into the sunset for one last time. Fans are again heartbroken as another beloved character, and Meredith’s potential love interest was killed off! 

Meredith Grey Was Supposed To Be Paired With Someone Else!

Believe it or not but Meredith Grey and Dr. Derek were not initially supposed to be a couple in the show! The lead star, Ellen Pompeo revealed in an exclusive interview that she was initially supposed to be paired with Preston Burke! Pompeo further said that the makers wanted Isaiah Washington to be her boyfriend.

Pompeo revealed that series creator Shonda Rhimes wanted to put a black man in the mix. However, the plan did not quite pan out. Fans soon got to see one of the most popular couples in the show: Meredith and Derek. It has been a long while since Meredith ha seven happy on the show, and it seems like another potential love interest should be cast for Meredith! We are hoping for someone to make a shocking comeback or a new face maybe! 

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