Grey’s Anatomy: Who Were Meredith’s Love Interests After Derek?

Meredith's Love Interests

Who Were Meredith’s Love Interests After Derek? Grey’s Anatomy singlehandedly defined Medical comedy-drama television for more than a decade now. Story of the doctor Meredith Grey and his exploits in the profession and her love life, Grey’s Anatomy has managed to keep fans interest on the top-notch while also promoting top-notch content on television.

If you are those of us who are saddened by the loss of McDreamy, Derek Sheperd, and how he was brutally killed off the Grey’s Anatomy at the end of season 11, you may also be willing to know Meredith wasn’t all that alone after McDreamy passed away. Meredith went on to find love interests and leisure in other things, and her life was finally back on track after a while. Knowing what Meredith stood for, how strong she was, there was no reason she would have remained alone or by herself and never found love. Yes, Derek will always be the love of her life and whatnot, but Meredith found love elsewhere too.

The whole point of writing this piece today is to let our audiences know who Meredith’s love interests after Derek were.

Meredith’s Love Interests

Meredith found love in people such as Finn Dandridge, her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Riggs, ex-lover, and finally, Andrew DeLuca, also ex-boyfriend, deceased). Meredith and Derek were the central romance of the hit ABC show. So no one had expected Derek to die so abruptly in the 2015 season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Meredith’s love-ship remains uncertain, still today.

Meredith was also seen flirting with a transplant surgeon played by Scott Speedman at the beginning of season 14. Then again, it was in the episode “One Day Like This”. There were questions back about the fact that if history would repeat itself. But as you may know, none of that happened, and she remained single, as we know it. The latest one to enter the scene in season 18 is Dr. Cormac Hayes. He and Meredith developed a flirtatious relationship in the past season.

Meredith And Alex Karev: Where It All Began?

At this point, you must be told that Meredith found love again in Justin Chambers’s Alex Karev. He was married previously to Jo Wilson, played by Camilla Luddington, and he only left her with a letter before he left. First of all, he abruptly left Seattle to be with his former wife, Izzie Stevens, and their two children. Then it didn’t stop there, as the surgeon was of utmost importance in saving Meredith from being terminated. Her license was about to be taken away for medical malpractice. Though their romance was short-lived on the show, many fans wanted it to happen, and others didn’t want it to happen. Nevertheless, they got together for a while before their ship was doomed.

Meredith went through a series of bad relationships after McDreamy died.

Then in the panel discussion, Alex Karev campaigned for Meredith to keep her medical license. Her friends and former colleagues campaigned for what a fantastic doctor she was. These friends included her BFF, played by Cristina Yang (the actress Sandra Oh), Arizona Robbins (played by Jessica Capshaw), April Kepner (played by Sarah Drew), Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), and Callie Torres (played by Sara Ramirez). Finally, the nail in the head was hit by Miranda Bailey (actress Chandra Wilson), who vouched for Meredith in front of everyone.

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Meredith And Dr. Cormac Hayes

Since Cormac Hayes teased Meredith’s return for season 18, it’s hugely debated if the two will end up together. There’s a good chance that it may happen. After all, he’s the best there is, and he’s always around. They say she may end with Hayes in Season 18. He’s the head of Pediatric Surgery at the hospital. And as far as his previous relations are concerned, he is a widower. His wife passed away from cancer, and he’s popularly known as Mcwidower by fans. He’s a father to a child, and if he and Meredith pair off on Grey’s Anatomy, it would be like a dream come true.

Whatever happens, remains to be seen.

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