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Who Does Manny End Up With? The Love Stories From Degrassi TV

who does manny end up

We have grown watching up the students from Degrassi Community School. From the playschool to making a name for themselves in Hollywood. And the show has given us some amazing artists in real life along with shedding light on the issues so popular in school and college but goes unnoticed. The show began in 2001 and ran for 13 seasons finally ending in the year 2015. Every character has had its own endings. One of the most loved characters on the show who has grown up a lot and left behind a dark past was Manny Santos. Fans have been wanting to know that who does Manny ends up with.

Manny has had her fair share of problems in her life. From being an innocent child to growing up all of a sudden. Being on the verge of losing her life to motherhood. Manny finally got what she wanted and grew up as a person. She had an abusive father who kicked her out of the house during her school time. She got pregnant at 14 but having a supportive mother and friends, she made the decision to get an abortion. During her time in school and college, she has gone out some jerks who have gone to exceed the limits and been emotionally abusive to her.

Who Does Manny End Up With?

Manny has been through a lot in her life. To answer the question of who does Manny ends up with is that she ends up with Jay Hogart. As surprising it was, to add a much shocking element to the story, they went to Vegas and got drunk and then got married in the chapel along with Emma Spinner. The couple has had ups and downs in their relationship but in the end, it did work out.

who does manny end up

Manny and Jay got together during the “we got the beat” era but they broke up soon after as Jay was too clingy for Manny. Their relationship started as a fake thing that turned into something real later on. The on-off scenario of the couple went on for a couple of years. The second time they got back together but broke up again as she loses her audition in university and stealing the ring. The final time they got together was when they moved to Hollywood. Jay was driving the bus to Los Angeles that they were supposed to board from the university. On the way, they bonded again and got back together for the final time calling each other their endgame.

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How Did Jay and Manny Mess The Relationship?

To mess their relationship up, Jay and Manny, both have played a big part. But they have also done all they could to save and help each other. An angry Jay submitted the adult tape of him and Manny called “Manny xxx” when she asked for her audition tape in university. That caused her to lose her reputation and chances to work as an actor. After realizing the thing he has done he acts as her agent to make up for it. Pretending to be Manny’s agent, he gives the judge a foot massage and runs other errands getting a second chance for Manny to audition. After acing her audition and performing at the Purple Dragon Concert, they get engaged kissing each other passionately.

who does manny end up

Manny And Jay

On the other hand, to meet Jay’s parents she sells her engagement ring that belonged to Jay’s mother. Not knowing the truth about his family she thought it was a good gesture but jay gets angry at her and she leaves. Taking time to cool off and telling her that his mom died and he hasn’t seen his father since he got married for the third time. They both reconcile and get back together. But as she gets the ring back and gets to know that he stole it they break up again.

In the end, both Manny and Jay are in Los Angeles. They are spotted at Spinner’s housewarming party making out and cuddling. Telling everyone that they got back together. To help their friends feel better, they take Spinner and Emma to have a fun night. They end up getting drunk and married.

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