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Who Does Kiara End Up With in Outer Banks Season 2?

Kiera and Pope
(Credits: Netflix)

Outer Banks season 2 can be at last found on Netflix. And this means that we can finally know exactly how the love stories between the characters take shape in the succeeding season of this treasure-hunt crime thriller. And we all saw the potential romance bubbling up between Kiara and Pope. So what happened to that? Did Kiara and Pope end up together in the Season 2 of Outer Banks? Outer Banks is an action-adventure teen TV series based in a small coastal township on the coastline of North Carolina. It is also full of mystery. The first season premiered on Netflix in the year 2020, on 15th April. Later in July 2020, it was made known that the show will be coming back for a season 2. The second season was released only recently, on 30th July.

The show is based on the obvious social divisions between the wealthy inhabitants who only come during the seasonal time and the local people who are working-class. The latter are called the Pogues, the former are called the Kooks. The story revolves around a teenage group of pogues living at the Cut. These teenagers have one goal, and that is to discover what happened to John B’s father. But along the way, they instead find a fabulous, mystical treasure that is inexplicably tied to the father. But the Kooks haven’t left the Pogues alone. In a rat and mouse chase between the two, the Pogues want to find out what it means to be a teen in America, overcoming other obstacles like love, friendship, money, and drugs.

Outer Banks Poster

Poster (Credits: Netflix)

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Plot and Spoilers of Outer Banks Season 2:

The new season was highly awaited by the viewership. This could be because of the absolutely dreadful cliffhanger the first season ended on. Suffice it to say that the second season began right where the first season left off. We see the Pogues’ reunion, and more mysteries of the island will be solved.

Outer Banks S

Sarah and John B in the first episode of the second season of Outer Banks (Credits: Netflix)

The sophomore season of Outer Banks shows how Sarah and John B find themselves at Nassau after escaping a storm in the OBX after John B is accused of the murder of a cop. Cpt. Terrance, the captain of the local boating squad who finds them, comes to know about the bounty on John’s head. Thus, John B and Sarah have to now dodge two problems: The captain and his crew, as well as the local police, and at the same time think of what they are going to do next. While everyone else believes that John B and Sarah are dead. The Pogues try their best to make sure that John B’s innocence is declared. Plus, they also want to exact revenge on Ward. Ward has the gold, which John B wants back. Consequently, they come across new treasures and shreds of evidence.

The second season ends with another cliff-hanger, with the teens getting stranded on an isolated island.

outer banks

(L to R) Cleo, Pope, JJ, John B, Kiara, and Sarah in the last episode of 2nd season of Outer Banks (Credits: Netflix)

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Outer Banks: Who Does Kiara End Up With?

While season one focused on the blooming relationship between the main characters John B and Sarah, the second season focuses on Kiara and Pope. While Sarah and John were nothing short of ill-fated lovers, Kiara and Pope are opposites who are attracted to each other. Although Pope is from The Cut, he is bound for success and is the goody-two-shoe of the Pogues. In season one, Pope is bound to get a scholarship. Kiara, although a Kook but she has been friends with the Pogues all her life. Kiara or Kie is the troublemaker of the group and doesn’t shy away from the title.

Kiera End Up With Pope?

Kiera, JJ, and Pope (L to R) (Source: Netflix)

A Little Flashback into the First Season:

If you can go back to the very first episodes of the series, you can remember John thinking to himself how all three of them (JJ, Pope, and John himself) had a thing for Kiara. But John and Sarah fall in love, and Pope starts gravitating towards Kie at the end of the season. He gets angry when Kiara scolds him for giving his friends less importance as compared to his future and realises that he wants to be more than friends with Kie.  They kiss in the finale of the first season, and season 2 picks up from right then and there. John and Sarah are declared “presumed to be dead,” and Pope and Kie and the rest of their friends mourn for them. Kiara asks Pope if he wants to hook up with her when she is high, to which Pope declines.

Kiera Ends Up With Pope?

(Source: Netflix)

Finding Out John and Sarah are Alive:

Then, they find out that John and Sarah are alive. After this happy news, Kiara and Pope allow their relationship to grow. Kiara and Pope, along with JJ, reunite with John B and Sarah while in Charleston. After they return, Pope and Kie make love for the first time. But then, Kiara makes a shocking revelation: she just wants to be friends with Pope. This devastates Pope, who is already angry at her for her conduct and her talent for making dangerous enemies. It seems that his anger takes over his love, and we can conclude that their relationship was not meant to last long. However, the end of the 2nd season means changes in the group’s dynamics. But as of now, Kie remains single.

Kiara Ends Up With Pope

(credits: Netflix)

And then there are many fan theories that claim that maybe, just maybe, Kiara is going to end up with JJ instead.

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