Who Does Joe End Up With In You? The Sinister Story Continues

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Joe End Up With In You?

Want to know, who does Joe end up with in ‘You’? Netflix’s hit thriller series ‘You’ gave obsession a whole new turn! While the show has been a huge hit from day one, fans cannot get enough of Joe and his obsessive ways! As Joe fixates from one woman to another, he finally gets his ideal match in Love Quinn! As the show progresses, it is soon revealed that Love, too, has her demons to fight! Love Quinn is not able to hide her killer instincts for long and turns out to be darker than Joe!

However, the two finally decide to leave their dark past behind and start life afresh when Love finds out that she is pregnant with Joe’s child. Does the couple get their happily ever after? Or something sinister is about to happen? As Netflix has greenlit season 4, Joe’s story is not over, and he is in the city of love this time! Who is going to be his next source of fixation? Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts as we unravel the answer to who does Joe end up with in ‘You’.

Who Does Joe End Up With In You?

As fans saw in the season 3 finale, Joe ends up with no one in the season 3 finale. He kills Love after injecting her with a syringe filled with poison. Given how deadly the couple was, the result was a disastrous one, while Joe faked his death to get rid of the messy situation. 

Joe End Up With In You?
Joe and Love

After faking his death and putting all the blame on Love in a letter that she has supposedly written, Joe clears his name from the entire mishap while making Love the sole culprit in front of the Madre Linda community. However, it was implied that Joe was out on his stalking spree yet again! As we saw, Joe starts life afresh in Paris, France. Moreover, Joe is still shown to be fixating on Marienne and is still not quite over her! As he ends up in the city of love, the twisted tale will continue in the upcoming fourth season. Joe needs to clear his head, and we need answers in season 4!

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What Will Be Joe’s Next Move In You Season 4?

The season 3 finale left behind a huge cliffhanger as Joe is out there looking out for his next victim! As he still seems to be obsessing over Marienne, Joe is not over his obsessive ways. If you haven’t already binge-watched the newest season, it is currently streaming on Netflix. Take a look like the entire cast of You talks about the upcoming season. 

When asked about the upcoming season and what to expect, lead star Penn Badgley explained how the next season could be quite different and might be more about Joe’s relationship with himself. Show creator Sera Gamble teased a bit about the fourth season, stating that Joe will have to face the emotional repercussions of abandoning Henry.

Will Joe Track Down Marienne In The Upcoming Season?

While Penn Badgley will most certainly return to reprise his problematic character, Joe, fans are wondering whether Love Quinn is returning or not? When asked about the possibilities, Victoria Pedretti did not quite give a clear answer! The actress further admitted that she would certainly be interested in returning. However, she also added that she is just trying to come to terms with the fact that it’s pretty much over.

Joe End Up With In You?

While Love met her end in the season 3 finale and the whole house was burned, nothing can be impossible for Love Quinn! She might have just managed to have a close save or might make a reappearance in the form of a flashback! As for Tati Gabrielle, who played the role of Marienne, the actress is also not sure about her possible return. She rather teased the possibility by saying that Netflix will have the answer! As her character managed to flee from Joe’s clutches and elope with her daughter, her return might be possible after all.

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