Who Does Jess End Up With In ‘New Girl’? Ending Explained

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Who does Jess end up with
Jess in "New Girl"

There have been a lot of popular sitcoms till now, but among those, there are few that have made a huge impact. New Girl is one such sitcom that has garnered an exceptional fanbase and still manages to do so. However, among all the characters in the show, the main character Jessica Day often called by her nickname Jess was the center of attraction. Most of all, as the show progressed, her love life was the biggest topic of interest for the fans. Everyone wondered about the guy Jess is going to end up with by the end of the series. Although there were times when the audience had a good idea of who the guy will be, sudden twists did change their thoughts.

New Girl was a hugely popular show when it aired. However, the show still has its charm and still manages to gain more fans every day as a newer audience watches it. The show first premiered on 20th September in the year 2011 and ended on 15th May in 2018. The fans loved the characters of the show and could relate a lot to the different portrayals in the series. The role of Jess is played by the popular American actress Zooey Deschanel. In a matter of days since the first episode aired, her character Jess was the talk of every town in the United States.

Who does Jess end up with

Jessica Day: Her Story

The show portrays Jess as a school teacher who teaches sixth-grade students. She moves to a new place with three guys who posted an advertisement for a spare room to rent. The guys named Nick Miller, Coach, and Schmidt are a little doubtful at first about giving her the room. However, they eventually agree to it and welcome her to live with them. As the story moves on, the friendship between the guys and Jess becomes stronger with time. They are always there to help her in times of crisis in her life. But the most significant role is played by Nick, who is often going a step further to help out and be there for Jess.

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There is that one moment in the beginning when Nick leaves a girl with whom he was about to have drinks and went to be with Jess along with the other guys. This might not seem much at first, but it was a start. Later on, in season 2, Jess and Nick have their first kiss together. Moreover, by the finale of season 2, they eventually decide to be in a relationship with each other.

Who does Jess end up with

But their relationship does not last long and comes to an end in season 3. After that, as the show progresses, Jess moves and dates other guys. Coming on to season 5 of the show, we see Jess going on dates with some other guy. But her romance with that guy comes to an end when he breaks up with her for some other girl. But before leaving, he points out to Jess that she still has feelings for Nick.

Who Did Jess Finally End Up With?

As we move on to the sixth season of the series, we see Jess meeting another guy who she eventually starts to date. Although, things end for Jess and his boyfriend in a hilarious way. It turns out that both of them have relatives back in Massachusetts. This takes them to the realization that they are long related cousins and end their relationship in that instance. On the other hand, Nick seems to have the time of his life with his new girlfriend Reagan.

However, as we get closer to the end of season six of the show, we see Nick having second thoughts. He realizes by the end that he still loves Jess and wants to be with others. In the finale episode of season 6, Jess and Nick share a rather romantic and long-awaited kiss and become a couple once again.

Who does Jess end up with
Jess ends up getting married to Nick in the end.

Although this could have been a proper end to their story, the showrunners brought back a shorter season 7 of the show. The show explored the lives of Winston and his wife and Schmidt’s life too. At the end of the season, we see Jess and Nick’s wedding becoming a tragedy as Jess gets injured and Nick gets drunk. But eventually, they decide to get married at the hospital and not letting the tragedies hold them from the commitment.

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