Who Does Giyu End Up With? Looking for The Water Pillar’s Romantic Life?

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Who does Giyu end up with
Who does Giyu End Up With?

The Demon Slayer manga is one of the most popular new generation shonen, which concluded after four years of serialization. Readers had loved the manga ever since it was launched, providing it with a cumulative sale of 3 million copies in circulation even before it was adapted into an anime. Once animated, the manga’s reach grew, leading it to exceed yearly sales of a long-time leading manga, One Piece. In its course of four years of publication, Demon Slayer advanced on a path of action and adventure. While romance has never been the priority of the manga’s plot, the ending had people wondering many things, one being who did Giyu end up with? The character’s popularity is quite evident, so it’s no surprise that people would be curious about his love life.

Demon Slayer’s anime production has been going extremely well. However, the manga’s conclusion received a fair amount of criticism as many claimed it to be rushed. Readers were looking forward to seeing the main trio advance to becoming hashira and perhaps a look into their personal lives as well. However, although Koyoharu Goutoge ended the manga quite dramatically, the finale left a bland taste. Furthermore, several questions were pointlessly left unanswered.

Giyu is one of the secondary characters that shone brightly under the spotlight. In the end, he is also one of the rare characters to have survived. So who does Giyu end up with? Does he ever marry?

Who Is Giyu Tomioka?

Giyu Tomioka is the Water Pillar of the Demon Slayer corps. He often carries a stoic expression and believes that one must be realistic. With the same belief, he takes hard decisions like when he tried to kill Nezuko. However, at the same time, he prioritizes his instincts as he also lets her go when he sees her protect Tanjiro.

Despite acting distant, Giyu is actually very fond of people and cares about them. He starts to care deeply for the Kamado siblings and often defends them. When Shinobu teases him, saying that everyone hates him, Giyu is offended, implying that he did care about how his acquaintances felt for him. Later in the series, he even tries to make friends with Sanemi by proposing to eat ohagi together.

Giyu Tomioka lull
Water Breathing Eleventh Form: Lull (Dead Calm)

Giyu is also an extremely skilled swordsman and is also acknowledged by Sakonji Urokodaki, his teacher, and the previous Water Pillar. Not only did he master all ten forms of water breathing, but he also created the eleventh form, Lull. In the final battle against Muzan, we see him fight vigorously through the different panels. Although he does not die, Giyu ends up losing one arm.

Who Does Giyu End Up With?

In the final chapter titled ‘Life Shining Across the Year’, we see the reincarnates and the descendants of the Demon Slayers and the other characters. In one of the panels, we get to see a character named ‘Giichi’ who holds a lot of similarities to Giyu, indicating that he is either a descendant of a reincarnate of the Water Pillar. 

As aforementioned, Giyu survives the final battle. This could mean that Giyu probably married someone and led a normal life since the terror of demons had ended with the death of Muzan. However, the character has never shown any interest towards any character except Koucho Shinobu throughout the series. Although the two characters are shipped by a massive crowd, Giyu could not have possibly married Shinobu since she died during her battle against Douma. So if he did, Giyu probably married an unnamed character after the end of all Demons.

Giyu ships
Tomioka Giyu with Shinobu Koucho.

Alternatively, Giyu could also have not married, and Giichi could very well be his reincarnate rather than his descendant. There are also fan theories that believe that he might have died due to the demon slayer mark. According to the manga, demon slayers who gain the mark do not live beyond 25. The only exception is Yoriichi Tsugikuni. It is possible that Giyu might have had an early death and eventually been reincarnated and reunited with Sabito and Makomo.

In conclusion, it is never revealed who Giyu ends up with. However, the picture, in the end, indicates that he learns to smile wide after the final battle.

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