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Who Does George End Up With In Grey’s Anatomy?

Who Does George End Up With

Grey’s Anatomy is probably the longest-running medical drama in America’s Television history. Starting in 2005, the show has premiered 18 seasons till now. The show running under the ABC network focuses on the medical interns. The new surgical interns and the old mentors are on a medical journey where they can make or break someone. Solely based on their skills, practice, knowledge, and ethics. Following the medical professionals in their personal and work life, managing the fine lines in the relationships and work. Author and producer Shonda Rhimes ran the show from 2005 to 2015, completing the eleven seasons of the show.

The current showrunner is Krista Vernoff. She is also a known executive producer and director. Her other noticeable work includes Law and Order, which is one of the best shows of the 90s running until 20 seasons. The show is based on the fictional Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital and its medical staff. Till now, many cast members have joined the show, and many have left and moved on with their careers. After 17 seasons, only the last three actors standing. Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr. are the only original cast left in the show. As many characters either moved to higher positions or died, fans want to know who does George end up with.

Who Does George End Up With

Grey’s Anatomy

Who Does George End Up With?

Dr. George O’Malley was one of the fan favorites in the show. He entered the show as an intern in surgery. Starting off with a rough time, he grew up and became a talented, skilled surgeon. For the new fans who don’t mind any spoilers and even decides to kill the curiosity over their favorite characters. They want to know with whom does their favorite doctor George end up. To answer this question, the ending was not what fans would like. Dr. George ended up alone. In fact, he didn’t even get to date much as he died in an accident. He was married to the former head of orthopedic surgery and board member at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Callie Tores. But she cheated on him, and the couple went through a divorce. He might’ve had a chance at love if the accident hadn’t had happened.

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How Did The Accident Happen?

Dr. George was famous for taking his life as a road. He used to say that life is like a path. You are going down the path as you move and work forward. Even if it’s the wrong path, you learn new things and understand from the mistakes you make. Unfortunately, he dies in a road accident. He was on his way to join the army, taking the bus. A girl, Amanda was looking at the guys in the bus, hoping to ask anybody out. Looking at George, she didn’t really pay any attention to him when he smiled back at her. But as she is about to fall from the bus, George comes and pushes her out of the way in order to save her life. But in the midst of it, get gets hit by the bus and gets dragged by the bus. His face became unrecognizable. With many efforts made by doctors to save him, it wasn’t possible. And then he dies.

Who Does George End Up With

George and Meredith in her dream.

During the time he was in the ICU, Amanda never left his side and tried to be with him as much as she could. Praying for him to get better and kind of regretting ignoring him. Attending his funeral, she cried her heart out. Even suffered from insomnia as she used to visit the hospital and sit on the front bench thinking about George.

 George’s Comeback…

As we know that George and Meredith have had their moments. He used to have a crush on her and confessed to her. They get into a one-night stand, but Meredith calls it a mistake. When Meredeth was sick with covid-19 and admitted to the hospital. She wasn’t in the best condition and often used to slip in and out of consciousness. During her being unconscious, she used to dream of waking up at a beach house with George beside her. Meeting him in her dreams, the two reflect on George’s death and their residency. She tells him much he has affected her through his life.

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