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Who Does Finn End Up With in Adventure Time?

Adventure Time New Season Release Date
Who Does Finn End Up With in Adventure Time?

Who Does Finn End Up With in Adventure Time is an inevitable question that can come to your mind when you start watching the series. Adventure Time is a fantasy animated series that was created in the United States and aired between April 2010 and September 2018. There are a total of 283 episodes in the series, each around 11 minutes in duration. On the contrary, the pilot episode was only 6 minutes long. The series was mainly aired on Cartoon Network. After about a year since it aired the finale, the makers announced four special episodes of Adventure Time in 2019. The special episodes were all aired on HBO Max. Two of them were released in 2020, while the other two were slated to release in 2021.

The series has been a massive commercial success and earned critical appraisal worldwide. It has also won several awards and has been nominated for many more. This includes eight Primetime Emmy Awards, three Annie Awards, a Peabody Award, two British Academy Children’s Awards, and a Kerrang! Award among many more. The series was also once nominated for a Sundance Film Festival Award. Let’s now analyze the plot of the series to understand Who Does Finn End Up With in Adventure Time.

Adventure Time Plot

The main storyline in Adventure Time follows the life of Finn the Human and his best friend Jake the Dog. Interestingly, Jake also happens to be Finn’s adoptive brother. He is a magical creature with the powers to change his shape and size according to his whims. Finn is often described as somewhat of a feisty kid who has very strong morals and ethics. On the other hand, Jake is somewhat of a carefree and easy-going character. However, he is always the one giving Finn a plethora of advice when he really needs it.

The two of them live in a post-apocalyptic world. A nuclear war had destroyed the world about a thousand years ago. The two now live in the Land of Ooo. Without any major focus on a single plot, the rest of the storyline follows the ‘adventures’ that Finn and Jake have as they meet several mythical characters. This includes Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Flame Princess, BMO, and Lumpy Space Princess.

Who Does Finn End Up With in Adventure Time

Adventure Time

The concept of the show can somewhat be described as canonical mythology with a recurring backstory. It also focuses heavily on Lich’s background. Lich is the main antagonist in the series. Moreover, the sub-plots are intricately intertwined with the reasons that led to the Mushroom War in the first place.

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Who Does Finn End Up With in Adventure Time?

If you were to focus on the innumerable relationships that Jake has had throughout the series, you will realize that his character is quite well developed on this front. The way that he is shown to balance each relationship and keep them separate is truly commendable and worth learning a lesson or two from.

In terms of Finn’s romantic interests, in particular, there are six characters in total to focus on. The first one, and quite obviously so is Princess Bubblegum. Next up, we also happen to have the Flame Princess. Then, as Finn’s third partner, there is Roselinen. The next two characters were very briefly infatuated with Finn. They are Breezy and Erin. And finally, last but certainly not least, we have the Huntress Wizard, Finn’s secret love interest.

Adventure Time Ending

Adventure Time

Now, coming to the question, Who Does Finn End Up With in Adventure Time, sadly, there is ambiguity with regard to this answer. As you binge-watch episode after episode of Adventure Time, it is inevitable that you think Finn and the Huntress Wizard are Endgame. However, the fact is far from this assumption. First of all, you must understand that Finn is only a teenager and has his whole life ahead of him. Remember how he had also married Roselinen in one episode? Turns out it was only in Pillow World, and then Finn had to return to reality.

The Huntress Wizard and Finn do exchange a kiss after the latter successfully kills the Grumbo off. However, they do nonchalantly as they accept their feelings towards each other. The series in no way indicates who Finn is ultimately setting down in life with.

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