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Who does Farmer Matt end up with in The Farmer Wants A Wife 2021?

Who does Farmer Matt end up with
Who does Farmer Matt end up with

Who does Farmer Matt end up with, in Farmer wants a wife? The path of love doesn’t always win smoothly, there is always a roller coaster ride to reach the final destination. Recently, we finished with the finale of the Australian hit show The Farmer Wants a Wife, and we want to know who does Matt end up With. Right from the beginning of the show, Matt is the one who grabs everyone’s attention. The Farmer wants a wife is an Australian search for love show based on the British show of the same name. The first nine seasons of the show were aired on the Nine Network, and the tenth season was broadcast by Seven Network. In August 2020, the show was renewed for the eleventh season and was aired on Seven Network in July 2021. Five lonely farmers looking for their would-be wives participated in the show. In the eleventh season, Matt has always hit the headlines, and of course, the charming blue eyes guy has garnered enormous fans from the show.

In the finale, Matt has an ultimate choice, deciding between the front runner Tara Hurl and Alex. Although he is wary of whether Tara is suited for farm life or not, he couldn’t deny the fact he has feelings for her. Then, Who does he end up with? Well, that’s what we will cover in this article. Today we will talk about the most favourite farmer of ‘The Farmer Wants A Wife’ Matt Trewin. Firstly we will talk about Who Matt Trewin is and thereafter discuss who does he end up with?

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Who is Farmer Matt from Farmer Wants A Wife?

Matt Trewin is 26 years old farmer who is looking for someone with whom he will settle on his cattle and sheep farm in Victoria. He is a motor enthusiast and loves water sports and motor cross. Matt is from Orbost Victoria, and if we talk about his physical appearance, he is around 175cms tall and known for his blue eyes.

All About the Farmer Matt Link-ups in the Show

All about the Farmer Matt link-ups in the show The Famer wants a Wife. At the beginning of the show, Matt has paired up with the stunning personal assistant Hayley Love. While most of the farmers are just starting to get to know about their paired-up partners, Matt and Hayley had already built a strong connection. Unfortunately, as the show progressed, their connection ended. Hayley moves on to build a connection with Will, while Matt started falling for Tara. Hayley and will had a short-lived love story, and they had a breakup in April. But recently on the reunion episode, she announced that she is pregnant with Will’s baby. Well, adding some more drama to the story, she is reportedly dating her old connection from the show Matt. So if Matt reportedly dating Hayley then who does he end up in the show.

Matt and Hayley

Matt and Hayley

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Who does Farmer Matt end up with?

In the finale, Matt had to choose between a waitress from South Australia, Alex Nan, and an Executive assistant Tara Hurl. As I already mentioned, Matt has strong feelings for Tara but was confused about whether she will manage to settle with farm life. But when it comes to Love nothing matters, so he did what his heart told him to do. Matt confessed his love for her in the finale. He asked her to start the new chapter of her life with him and even told her how much he loves her. Well, who can say no to a guy like him, she said yes. Finally, Matt Trewin ends up with Tara Hurl in the ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’.

Matt and Tara

The perfect setting for Love, Matt, and Tara, still from the finale of Farmer Wants A Wife.

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