Who does Erin Hannon end up with in The Office?

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Who does Erin Hannon end up with in The Office? In today’s article, we shall talk about one of the most important characters of the American television series The Office. This comedy television series is so famous that by the time it had accumulated a huge number of viewers all across the world. The series has a massive cast, and now you must be wondering who is the main topic of today’s article. Well, you might have assumed the character. She is none other than Erin Hannon. For those who are new to this series, I would highly recommend you to watch the infamous American sitcom. I can assure you that you won’t regret watching it. Moreover, you will enjoy such a romantic, comedy television series.

In the article, besides the character and relationship of Erin Hannon, we shall also cover a little bit about the series. Some of the viewers who didn’t watch the episodes till the end are much excited to know who does Erin Hannon end up with in The Office. Yes, this article is completely about that. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the article to know further about the character Erin Hannon and her relationship status in The Office.

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The Office, an American Television Series: About the series in brief:

The Office is a romantic comedy American television series that started to air on NBC on 24th March 2005. The series ended with its nine seasons in total on 16th May 2013. However, the first season garnered mixed reviews from the critics as well as from the audiences. But later on, the series gained huge popularity, especially among the office employees as it goes by the name.

The Office is a  television series that portrays the everyday work lives of different office employees. The characters of the series have been played by several American actors, and the series has gained much popularity for their improvisational work. Let’s get deeper to know further about the character Erin Hannon.

Who is Erin Hannon in The Office?

By now, you must be knowing that Erin Hannon is the main attention of this article. Kelly Erin Hannon is the fictional character of The Office, played by Ellie Kemper. She has been introduced at the end of Season 5. In The Office, Erin plays the role of the receptionist of an office for the Scranton Branch of Dunder Mifflin. Earlier, Pamela Morgan Beesley (played by Jenn Fischer) used to be at her position. But later on, she leaves her job there and joins to work for Michael Scott Paper Co. Thus, Erin comes into the light and takes her position.

Who does Erin end up in The Office
Kelly Erin Hannon

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Who does Erin Hannon end up with in The Office?

Erin Hannon ens up with Pete Miller. This is the most common question for the people who have somehow left the season for some reason. As the series continued for a long period, many of the viewers had lost interest but, on the other hand, are still very much interested to know about Erin Hannon’s relationship. Who does she end up with? Now let’s talk about it. In The Office, until the last season, we have seen that Erin Hannon shares a bond with Andy Bernard (played by Ed Helms). Those who aren’t aware of the show must be wondering who Andy is. Well, Andy Bernard is the regional director in charge of sales at the same office. But on the other side, in the finale season, that is in Season 9, we see Erin grow feelings for another person called Pete Miller (played by Jake Lacy).

Now you must be getting confused and started wondering who Pete is. Well, Pete works as a representative of the customer service at the Scranton Branch of Dunder Mifflin. In the finale season, we see both Pete and Erin feel for each other. This makes her try to end up things with Andy, but he doesn’t let her do that initially. Also, we have seen that Pete can’t fight back for Erin. But later on, Pete claims that he wants nothing but Erin to be happy enough in life. This makes Erin want Pete more, and both end up kissing each other. Finally, Erin Hannon breakups with Andy and shares a healthier relationship with Pete Miller. There is a saying, “True Love Always Wins.” This has been proved in the case of Erin and Pete.

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