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Who Does Devi End Up With? The Ending Of Never Have I Ever

Who Does Devi End Up With

Netflix’s recent release “Never Have I Ever” has topped the trending charts. It is one of the most loved coming-of-age and high school shows in today’s time. The series has made the viewers laugh, cry, awed, and angry and leaving them wanting for more. Who does Devi end up with keeping the fans glued to the screens. Made by Mindy Kailing, representing the brown girl in the American high school, the show follows Devi Vishwakumar. Just another average high school girl, Devi, wants to be popular and have a love life. In the fear of missing out, she just wants to have a life before her college starts.

Being a teenager, Devi has made bad decisions that have cost her mother and friends mental sanity. As her senior year starts, she makes a plans to do it all and get things her way. But as she is about to do things her way, she tops it up with a bad decision, ruining everything. But along with Devi, the show also focuses on her mother, who has just lost her husband and has no family around her except for Devi and her cousin Kamala. Focusing on Kamala, who is doing her Ph.D. but also forced to get married to an Indian guy of her family’s choice. There is also a focus on her friend Fabiola and Eleanor and her archnemesis Ben and the things they go through.

Who Does Devi End Up With

Kamala, Devi and, Nalini

Who Does Devi End Up With?

Not just the fans, but the whole season 2 was based on the question “who does Devi end up with?”. Season 2 of “Never Have I Ever” comes to an end with an episode without which every high school show or movie is incomplete. It was the “Prom”. Even though going to the prom with her friends as her date, Devi ends up with the guy she was dreaming of from the beginning of her senior year. Her now and this time only boyfriend, Paxton Hall Yoshida. As he himself says, “I’m here as your boyfriend Devi”, the new high school couple confirms their relationship.

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But Wasn’t Paxton Angry At Devi?

As we all know, Paxton wasn’t really happy with Devi. First, she two-times him with Ben and then bursts out on him in school when he asks for help in his studies. Although being angry with each other in school, both find their way back to each other. Ben climbs through the windows of Devi’s room to meet her. They spend nights together in her room, but he doesn’t pay much attention to her in school. Telling about the secret stuff to her best friends, they tell her to wait if he asks her to the prom.

Who Does Devi End Up With

Devi and Paxton at the prom.

The week before the prom night, everyone in school is either getting asked for the dance or is the one asking. As Devi waits for her secret boyfriend Paxton to ask her, the final day comes, and he never asks. Picking up courage, she goes to ask him, but he denies saying he’s gonna stay home and study. The D-day comes, and Devi is going to prom with her best friend Eleanor by her side. Both of them supporting Fabiola and her girlfriend Eve for the Prom Queens. Her other “ex” Ben is there with Aneesa (seeing one of your friends with your ex definitely hurts). As the night goes on, everybody is having fun. Fabiola and Eve winning the titles of Prom Queens. Trent had a sense and respect and asking Eleanor to dance. And Devi is in the corner feeling lonely.

On the other side, Paxton is too feeling conflicted at home. Talking to his sister, who gives him peace of mind, he drives to the prom. Almost hitting Devi with his car (recreating the Paxton getting hit by the car scene! we see you). The teenage couple reunites. Devi asking him what he is doing here, and him saying let’s go to the prom. Dancing together to the slow music, Devi having a popular high school boyfriend!

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