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Who Does Ben End Up With in Baby Daddy?

who does ben end up with in baby daddy
Ben With Emma In Baby Daddy

You might be interested in knowing Who does Ben end up with in Baby Daddy? Well, The season 6 finale of Baby Daddy also served as the series finale – here’s how it went down. Dan Berendsen created and executive produced this Freeform sitcom, which premiered in 2012. The plot of Baby Daddy revolved around Ben Wheeler (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), a twenty-something New York City bartender whose life is flipped upside down when a former one-night stand leaves a baby he didn’t know he had on his doorstep.

Ben’s overbearing mother, Bonnie (Melissa Peterman), brother Danny (Derek Theler), childhood friend Riley (Chelsea Kane), and roommate Tucker (Tahj Mowry) are all there to assist him in raising his newfound daughter Emma. Baby Daddy was Freeform’s longest-running half-hour comedy and the cable network’s highest-rated show, so the news that the sitcom had been canceled only weeks before the season 6 finale aired came as a shock. On the plus side, Dan Berendsen had a feeling the show wouldn’t be renewed, so he wrote the Baby Daddy season 6 finale as a series finale to give viewers closure.

Who Does Ben End Up With in Baby Daddy?

The season 6 finale of Baby Daddy, “Daddy’s Girl,” was also the sitcom’s 100th episode, which was fitting. Emma begins asking questions about her mother, prompted by a mother-daughter talent competition in which she is participating, and Ben begins to doubt his future as a single father. Ben’s single status appears to be about to change, as Elle, the mysterious girl he was looking for at the start of Season 6, is on the hunt for him. Meanwhile, after a few near misses, a pregnant Riley awaits the arrival of her and Danny’s baby, while Danny tries to find her the perfect push present with the help of Tucker.

who does ben end up with in baby daddy

Ben With Emma In Baby Daddy

Elle locates Ben at a mother-daughter talent performance, but Riley goes into labor, and Ben is forced to transport her to the hospital as Danny and Tucker continue their gift-buying expedition. Even though it appears that Ben and Elle’s paths would never cross, it turns out that the doctor who will deliver Riley and Danny’s kid is none other than Elle. Ben invites Elle out on a date just as Danny arrives in the delivery room, and Riley is ready to give birth to their newborn boy. So Ben ends up with Elle in Baby Daddy. In a lovely touch of symmetry, Baby Daddy concludes with the arrival of a baby, just as it began.

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About Ben of Baby Dady:

The protagonist of Baby Daddy is Benjamin Bon Jovi “Ben” Wheeler. When an ex-girlfriend leaves a baby girl on his doorstep in his twenties, he becomes an unexpected father. With the support of his mother Bonnie, brother Danny, and close friends Tucker and Riley, he decides to raise the child.

Ben is a bartender who shares an apartment in New York City with his brother Danny and closest friend Tucker. He becomes the father of a baby girl abandoned on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend, and he decides to raise her after much hesitation. He informs Riley that he has no idea what he wants to accomplish with his life, as proven by his several professions.

Who is Emma Wheeler in Baby Daddy?

Ben’s daughter is Emma. When he came home one day and saw her outside his door, he realized he had a daughter. He decides to raise her with the support of his family and close friends after considerable discussion. He panics when he goes on a date and discovers that no one is looking after her, but he soon discovers that Bonnie has her in her care. Ben understands at that point that he has never wanted Emma to be out of his sight.

who does ben end up with in baby daddy

Ben From Baby Daddy

Who is Riley Perrin in Baby Daddy?

Ben’s best female buddy is Riley. Perrin has had a crush on him since she was a child, and she thinks he would finally notice her in season 2. She assists Ben in caring for his daughter. Ben tells her that he told Cassie that he hoped Emma would be like her when she grew up. They start dating in season three.

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