Who Does Bell Cranel End up with in ‘Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon’?

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Who Does Bell Cranel End up With

Bell Cranel has always been the center of female attention and never fails to steal the stage, so who does get end up with? If you’re a fan, you’re probably curious about his personal life and who he’s seeing. We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll go over all you need to know about Bell, including his romantic interests. The Hestia Familia’s captain, Bell Cranel, is the major male protagonist. He was given the nickname Little Rookie after reaching Level 2. His pseudonym was changed to Rabbit Foot as he progressed through the levels. Bell is a young adolescent with white hair and red eyes who is sometimes mistaken for a rabbit. Many female characters throughout the novel have commented on his cuteness.

Bell is a sweet, honest, courageous, and bashful young man who aspires to be a hero like the ones he read about as a child. He loves his Goddess, Hestia, and his Familia dearly. As a result of his grandfather’s death, he considers them family. Bell was born through the coupling of a Zeus Familia member and Meteria, a Hera Familia member, sometime after the Zeus and Hera Familias defeated the One-Eyed Black Dragon. His mother handed him to Zeus before she died so that he might be cared for by him, and Zeus took him to raise him as his grandson in a small community deep in the mountains.

Bell heard and read many stories of heroes from his grandfather as he grew up, inspiring him to want to be a great one himself. Bell was nearly slain by a goblin in the past but was spared by his grandpa.

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Bell’s lone magical ability is Firebolt, which he learned from Syr’s grimoire. It’s no-chant magic, so he may use it without chanting, and he occasionally uses it in conjunction with Argonaut for more damage. As long as Bell’s sentiments continue, Liaris Freese, The power of the impacts is proportional to Bell’s emotional state. He becomes impervious to charms as a side consequence. Argonaut, It takes four minutes to charge fully and depending on the power required, it can sound like a little chime or a large bell. Bell thought of a hero every time he used it for the first couple of times, but he hasn’t done so in subsequent usage, so it’s unclear whether he still needs to.

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Who Does Bell Cranel End up With
Bell Cranel

When battling raging bull-type creatures, Ox Slayer boosts all skills significantly, perhaps making Bell stronger than his current level. Once Bell achieved Level 2, he picked Luck as a unique development ability. Even though Eina was a Guild member, she had never heard of it, and Hestia claims it’s on par with divine protection. Overall, it boosts his Luck, allowing him to locate resources in the dungeon and get drops more regularly, as well as win at the casino constantly. Cassandra thinks his good fortune is the reason he trusts her forecasts. It counteracts the effects of anomalies like poison. When Bell is rushing away, it enhances his pace. Bell got it at Level 4 after all the running he had to do since Level 1 to avoid being hunted by foes.

Who Does Bell Cranel End up With?

Bell’s sweet and hardworking demeanor has attracted a lot of ladies, but he is completely ignorant of it. Rather than being oblivious, it’s more accurate to state that he has never been in a love relationship and has no idea what it’s like. His first objective was to catch up to Aiz, and he considered her as a powerful and trustworthy figure; but, is that all he feels for her now? He also has a great deal of respect for Hestia and is deeply concerned about her. It’s even possible to say that their bond is the strongest we’ve observed thus far. It’s tough for fans to guess who Bell will wind up with because the main character is unable to sort out his thoughts. All we can do is look at his relationships with potential love prospects and gamble on “the one.”

Who Does Bell Cranel End up With
Still from ‘Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?’

Hestia was there for Bell when no one else could, and she is unquestionably significant in his life. He was Hestia’s family’s sole supporter for a long period. As a result, they have a very strong relationship and will go to great lengths to defend one another. After meeting the mayor and seeing his demise, he began to change his mind about humans having love relationships with gods. He stated that he constantly wanted to be with Hestia, but he didn’t know what to make of his sentiments.

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