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Who Does Aria End Up With in Pretty Little Liars?

who does aria end up with in pretty little liars
Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017)

Pretty Little Liars is one of the most popular series that was quite popular back in time. Though it is not long ago that the series ended, the fans were quite sad when their favourite series finally closed down. Pretty Little Liars was released back in 2010 and had run for 7 years long. Hence, there are 7 seasons of the series, and yet it has managed to amass such huge popularity that the show also got two spin-off series. In this article, we will get to know who does Aria end up with in Pretty Little Liars?

The relationships in the series were quite interesting, and of course like in any drama series the fans are always quite invested in the shipping of the characters. However, some of the couples made it as the end game, and well some were not meant to last perhaps. In any way, Aria was quite a popular character in the series, and hence we will be getting into her character a bit more in this article. If you have not yet finished watching Pretty Little Liars, then we are warning you for spoilers.

Who Does Aria End Up With in Pretty Little Liars?

Before we go for any other details of the series, let us find out who does aria end up with in pretty little liars? Well, it is none other than Ezra Fitz. Well, they were engaged for the last season, and they finally got married in the end. This was definitely a well deserved ending for Aria. All that she had ever wanted, she got it in the end. Aria and Ezra were both writers and it seems that their career also takes off gradually. This becomes quite a satisfactory ending even for Aria stans who just wanted to see her happy.

who does aria end up with in pretty little liars

Aria and Ezra finally get married in Season 7 after an intense relationship.

Yet in the end, we do get to know that Aria cannot be a mother. This did take the picture-perfect life of Aria a bit dark turn. However, it seems that this fact had not even hampered a little bit of love from Ezra’s side. He still loves her as much as he did the very first day and will continue to do so. Maybe they will adopt a child, or might even go for surrogacy, and hence it is hard to believe that her family might ever fall apart. Also, the book that they have written together will soon be released into a movie. How much can they ask for anymore after getting everything they both had dreamt of ever?

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So Aria and Jason Do Not Work Out in the End?

Just like any other drama series, there have to be multiple love interests for a character. Yet, the writers always keep it decided with whom to pair whom, and only occasionally do they change their intentions if they face pressure from the fans. Aria and Jason were quite popular among the fans too. Though Aria and Ezra were meant to be in the end game, there were a lot of reasons why they shouldn’t have been. Well, that is something to discuss for another day. If you are not an Aria Ezra shipper, then most definitely you are a Jaria shipper.

who does aria end up with in pretty little liars

Aria and Jason did have a good chemistry, but they did not work out in the end.

Jason and Aria were quite close friends from Season 2, and though there has been a small relationship between the two, it did not work out between them. However, one has to accept the fact that even their breakup was far healthier than the whole relationship of Aria and Ezra throughout the series. Yet, we cannot judge too harshly as Aria had always been in love with Ezra. In fact, she does break up with Jason over the fact that she wants to work in the city, and also she was hoping to cross paths with Ezra once again.

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Even though the relationship with Jason was quite perfect, you cannot deny the fact that she felt more passionate with Ezra. There was some invisible connection between the two, and she could not refuse it. Hence, the relationship between Aria and Ezra stands justified.

You can watch the series, here

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