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Who Did Jesse James Cheat on Sandra Bullock?

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This article covers who did Jesse James cheat on Sandra Bullock. The 2010 Academy Award recipient for her role-playing the adoptive mom of an underprivileged black kid on The Blind Side Sandra Bullock’s marriage was in shambles. Not long after receiving the prestigious award, it was revealed to the public that her husband had cheated on her on multiple occasions with multiple women. In this article, we shall cover a couple of the girls Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock.

Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock nearly a decade ago with three known women: Michelle McGee, Brigitte Daguerre, and Melissa Smith. But those three girls are just notched in the many holes of the belt belonging to Jesse James. This tattooed bad boy married thrice: His first wife, Karla, was a dancer, his second wife was adult actress Janine Lindemulder and his third wife was Sandra Bullock, at the time one of Hollywood’s most cherished celebrities. So what went wrong in that marriage? Well, it’s been some years now, but we’ll give you a scoop on the life of Jesse James just to start on this Hollywood drama.

Who is Jesse James?

With the same name as the famous outlaw from the Wild West. Jesse James sure lived the outlaw, bad boy, play-hard lifestyle. He’d dated all the hot chicks out there, and he broke all of their hearts. Jesse James had a rough start in life beginning his life from a broken home with a fatherless figure and abusive surroundings. On that point, Jesse would write a biography book in 2017 where he’d blame his ego, distrust, and loneliness for his bad life decisions. Before marrying Hollywood sweetheart Sandra Bullock, whose recurrent roles as a good girl and dame in distress made her a favorite high grossing A-list celebrity, James had two previous marriages, including one with now retro-famous adult entertainment actress Janine Lindemulder.

Who Did Jesse James Cheat on Sandra Bullock?

When married to Sandra Bullock, the rad-tag bad boy would cheat on Sandra Bullock with a total of three women. This sheer philandering would eventually track back to Sandra, who left him despite his apologies. On that note, the three girls he’d be romantically involved with were Michelle McGee, a woman named Melissa Smith, and another lady named Brigitte Daguerre. After seeing that Sandra wouldn’t pardon his philandering, they both took each other’s ways. For Jesse, he assumed the responsibility of being an adulterous man with a very poor track record of decisions and simply admits after the facts.

who did jesse james cheat on sandra bullock

Read this article to learn who did Jesse James cheat on Sandra Bullock –

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And what happened to Jesse James’ life after Sandra Bullock? After divorcing Sandra Bullock for cheating on her, Jesse James tried to move on with his life and went on about his many side hustles. Out of his many endeavors, side hustles, contracts, and gigs, Jesse James has a net worth of about US $100 million. He claims infidelity is just a part of life and that men and women do it. For the Long Beach, California native, James’ life is all about living on the edge, when he’s not philandering some unlucky girl, he works with West Coast Choppers producing high-caliber motorcycle vehicles, a venture that earns him quite a lot.

What happened to Sandra Bullock after divorcing Jesse James?

For Jesse, he got the permanent label of an adulterous man, published a book, and went on hustling about his business. For Sandra, she never remarried. Maybe the painful experience of infidelity and being an A-list celebrity with nearly no privacy to her matters must be a terrible experience. So, what did Sandra Bullock do after Jesse James’ marriage? She moved on. She found a boyfriend, a man named Bryan Randall, a photographer by profession. The couple lives together with Sandra Bullock’s adopted children, Louis and Laila. And life is nice for the Hollywood actress, with a net worth of  220 million dollars. But keep reading this article to learn more about Sandra Bullock’s life.

who did jesse james cheat on sandra bullock

Academy Award Winner Actress Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Net Worth and Previous Relationship History

This American actress has a net worth of about US $ 220 million. Also, she is one of Hollywood’s best-paid actresses. Even before marrying James, she was romantically involved with actor Matthew McConaughey (they worked together in a drama called A Time To Kill opposite Donald Sutherland and Samuel L. Jackson) and Ryan Gosling (it’s worth mentioning that the handsome Hollywood actor is sixteen years younger than her). After her failed marriage with Jesse James, she met her current boyfriend Bryan Randall and moved on. She even went as far as adopting two children and living happily the Hollywood life as an actress and film producer.

Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall live together. He helps Sandra raise her two children, Laila and Louis. And when Sandra has to leave for work to film on location, she leaves all the parenting to Randall, and he has no problem about it because the kids do excellent with him. Despite living together and raising two adopted children, the couple doesn’t talk about the possibility of marriage. They have their reasons and keep them to themselves. Still, love and aging together imply certain commitments, and with that net worth, it’s about time the two start thinking about a formal commitment to each other. We wish them well.

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